Sunday, August 1, 2010

basement project - in progress

With Jack on the way and our upstairs not all that family friendly (looks like no one lives in the house b/c its so clean and minimalist), we rearranged the basement to be more functional. Last weekend (or 2 cant remember), the boys came over and moved the pool table to where the TV and couch were and vice versus. That space is bigger so now Jack and Parker can crawl and play.

We made a trip to IKEA in Cincinnati (with a flat bed trailor attached to my Jeep) and picked up a new couch (its smaller than the other corner couch and fits the space better - plus it easily pulls out into this cool bed which is fun for movie night!). Got some lighting and things. We still need: a new rug and a new chair and ottoman for the rights side of the couch. If we see another one to replace the red chair, great too.

Again, its not done but heres the progress.

TV side:

Chair and ottoman on that side is a need:

Pool tables new home (oh and we put a desk with 1 of the computers down - we have 2 laptops and 2 desktops....why, dont know. So now the 4th bedroom is strictly a workout room (which I cant wait to use again!):

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Four to Score said...

so i have no idea what the basement looked like before, but it looks great!

i love all your "nesting"!

keep the belly pics coming by the way ;-)