Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Columbus Bride Magazine

We had the best photographers at our wedding! Amazing pictures. AND local photographers are allowed to submit up to 4 weddings that they shot for the Columbus Bride Magazine (which comes out 4 a year). However, the photographers don't know if any of their shots make it in till its out on stands. Well, Brian and Alison submitted ours for the fall/winter edition (which ours was a fall wedding) and the new edition came out! Not only did we make it in but they also got the cover shot!!! Yay!!

We got a 2 page spread and our cake was a full page! Plus we had a few pics throughout the magazine plus we are their ad (awwww). So it was a wonderful surprise that we got in a lot and they got so many in the magazine - woo hoo!

I wish I had better pictures of the magazine, but click them to see them bigger.

Here is the content page (middle pic):

Here is the spread on page 8 & 9! Looks sooo good in person. Funny thing is, I dont like the pic of me sitting but oh well :)
My flowers (LOVE that they have my placecard in the background)

Our cake!

We love this picture BUT read the caption....too cute!

This is the 2nd time they used us for their ad...thanks guys!

Here is their cover shot! GO GROGAN STUDIOS!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

buckeyes in the rain

My best friend from high school Mikaela (wookie) and I went to the OSU/Illinois game saturday. Her parents have awesome season tix but of course, it poured rain this saturday - figures. we still had a great time and tailgated, pretty much by ourselves in this lot b/c of the weather - no one else wanted to throw the football or drink in the rain with us. however, we had fun and the buckeyes won - go bucks!
listening to guns and roses!
walking to the stadium...ya we couldnt find her parents parking pass so had to park kinda far.

awesome seats - A Deck row 1!

Then it started dumping bad!
gotta love our band.
taking the field at the 1/2

Sunday, September 20, 2009

fall = planting

Fall is slowly peaking its head around here. The mornings are crisp and the leaves are starting to change color and fall. College football is taking over saturdays and my neighbor Robin just brought us some fresh picked apples from their morning pick! Its really beautiful right now.

Danny knows now is the time to plant! so last week he ordered 3 gigantic trees and they were delivered yesterday. They are awesome (but lost a lot of leaves on the drive over I think). But next spring they will look great! We have been slowly building a natural wall between us and the neighbors house and its a long property line so taking a while. Danny wanted to have a bed between us and them and started this weekend with the arrival of the trees!

Dannys worked yesterday so he started late on the holes and grass removal so he had to quit and start up sunday.

PS The kiddos were pooped last night - i love that they sleep together :)
OK so here is a semi-before shot. These shrubs arent looking too hot BUT we hope that with the replanting and new top soil they get better.

Here is after! I had to get some new mulch and rain was coming so I took this pic before it was actually done...
OK got the mulch done just in time! 2 birch trees and something else (I dont know anything about trees/plants)

Our mailbox paint job was starting to peel really bad...and I always wanted a black mailbox - so now it matches our front door!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

perfect weather

this weekend was gorgeous - perfect football weather. seriously, reminded me of the weather on our wedding day! not a cloud in the sky, a nice breeze, warm in the sun, cool in the shade. if only the OSU game turned out in our favor!

Saturday danny bought some trees and shrubs. While he was digging a hole - he found this HUGE frog!! Kermit was lucky Danny didnt take his head off while digging!

Danny got Kermit almost to the creek when he jumped offthe shovel. I grabbed the ashtray off the deck (moms punta cana gift from our honeymoon) and I took him to the water!

Gina and Collin came over for the game, turkey brats, beers, card games and a lot of red bull and vodka. they did win the prize for their "airplane" late in the evening (prize= OSU football Pez dispenser that looks like the lombardi trophy). They brought Tiny over to play with Parker too. We took Coopers old OSU jersey and put it on tiny....dang is that dog small! but it was cute.

This is my pre-game cell phone shot - i love my Columbus (c-bus) shirt....

Tiny is pooped.

Today was lunch at Old Bag of Nails on the deck with mom while danny prepped for football (wearing his Bears jersey all day - so cute that kid is). Parker loves the nice weather. She needs to soak it in before winter gets here!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

labor day lake

Danny and I took a roadtrip up to Lake Michigan for the long weekend! Of course, the Noonans (all 8 cousins, plus Uncle Mike and Aunt Mary V AND Uncle Tom and Aunt Teri) were all there and we had the best time. We had super weather and lots of cold beers. Besides getting pulled over for speeding on the way up (which Danny got out of), we couldnt have asked for a better time. THANKS NOONAN FAMILY!

Perfect Weather :)
A little busy but not too crowded.
This is the back of the Noonans house - its spectaular - have I mentioned that? hehe
Aunt Mary V catching some rays.
McKenna joined us on the beach even.

We played lots of catch the whole weekend. My arms are still sore!
Danny went golfing saturday - which he wasnt prepared for. He wore uncle Mikes big polo and someones trail funny. He wouldnt let me take a picture.
This is the coolest. On the TV in the kitchen, they have thsi joystick that hooks up and old school games play in demand! PacMan rules!
Uncle Mike
Sunday night we went to the country club for dinner. the waitress has never taken a picture before apparantly....hello aunt mary is 1/2 out of the shot!
Sunday we left around 11 and stopped at an outlet mall. Danny bought me a new Coach bag for our anniversary! Its gray patent leather (which I was looking for)...score!!!!
Then we stopped at Notre Dame to see some of the sights. Such a beautiful campus!!

This is as close as we got to inside of the stadium...boooo.
They happen to be cleaning and repainting the gold helmets when we walked by - a ND tradition so that was pretty cool.