Sunday, September 20, 2009

fall = planting

Fall is slowly peaking its head around here. The mornings are crisp and the leaves are starting to change color and fall. College football is taking over saturdays and my neighbor Robin just brought us some fresh picked apples from their morning pick! Its really beautiful right now.

Danny knows now is the time to plant! so last week he ordered 3 gigantic trees and they were delivered yesterday. They are awesome (but lost a lot of leaves on the drive over I think). But next spring they will look great! We have been slowly building a natural wall between us and the neighbors house and its a long property line so taking a while. Danny wanted to have a bed between us and them and started this weekend with the arrival of the trees!

Dannys worked yesterday so he started late on the holes and grass removal so he had to quit and start up sunday.

PS The kiddos were pooped last night - i love that they sleep together :)
OK so here is a semi-before shot. These shrubs arent looking too hot BUT we hope that with the replanting and new top soil they get better.

Here is after! I had to get some new mulch and rain was coming so I took this pic before it was actually done...
OK got the mulch done just in time! 2 birch trees and something else (I dont know anything about trees/plants)

Our mailbox paint job was starting to peel really bad...and I always wanted a black mailbox - so now it matches our front door!


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Four to Score said...

ahhhhhhh love the mailbox... it looks great!

that's a great pic of the kiddos sleeping on the couch. makes me wanna take a nap ;-)