Sunday, September 13, 2009

perfect weather

this weekend was gorgeous - perfect football weather. seriously, reminded me of the weather on our wedding day! not a cloud in the sky, a nice breeze, warm in the sun, cool in the shade. if only the OSU game turned out in our favor!

Saturday danny bought some trees and shrubs. While he was digging a hole - he found this HUGE frog!! Kermit was lucky Danny didnt take his head off while digging!

Danny got Kermit almost to the creek when he jumped offthe shovel. I grabbed the ashtray off the deck (moms punta cana gift from our honeymoon) and I took him to the water!

Gina and Collin came over for the game, turkey brats, beers, card games and a lot of red bull and vodka. they did win the prize for their "airplane" late in the evening (prize= OSU football Pez dispenser that looks like the lombardi trophy). They brought Tiny over to play with Parker too. We took Coopers old OSU jersey and put it on tiny....dang is that dog small! but it was cute.

This is my pre-game cell phone shot - i love my Columbus (c-bus) shirt....

Tiny is pooped.

Today was lunch at Old Bag of Nails on the deck with mom while danny prepped for football (wearing his Bears jersey all day - so cute that kid is). Parker loves the nice weather. She needs to soak it in before winter gets here!

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