Sunday, April 26, 2009

best weekend yet

Spring is really here. In fact, we were warmer today than Phoenix was! It was a super weekend. the sun just set and Im sad - back to work tomorrow. BUT the forecast for next weekend is looking good!

FRIDAY: Red Sox yankees weekend so Parker had to wear her jersey...more like mom made her. After work, Danny and I rode our bikes to Old gahanna for some bar hoping - one of the things i love to do in the summer!

SATURDAY: we went and got some trees and shrubs. Danny had to plant like 5 trees! I weeded and played with the girl outside most of the day...without sunblock. whoops!

we did go out to dinner and watched the extra innings sox/yankees game with some people from boston. they were rad. a few brews and shots help danny and i not think about the burns. you should see dannys about "red neck". we made a pitt stop at the ice cream shop on the way home.

SUNDAY: another perfect day. we hit the gym and grocery shopping early. laid out and watched baseball all day. OH and made some homemade salsa...the bomb!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love tulips in the spring! And they are starting to bloom! Of course i had to take some pics. i should take a class....really love taking pictures now for some reason. Only the red tulips are opening - ive got pink and yellow/orange ones so I hope they open soon!

Can you see danny swinging his golf club?

So i decided to get fancy and take some shots with my engagement ring on the flowers - yes, I know Im cheesy! I didnt get any pics of my ring on my wedding day - forgot - so ive been playing.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter day

Today had the most beautiful weather for an Easter I can ever remember. We got to enjoy the outdoors without a cloud in the sky!

Got the table all set - we still need matching chairs though!

House got a good cleaning too.

Parker enjoyed the day outside (some pals stopped by). Gus even got to hangout on the top deck - behind bars if course.

The ladies sat in the sun in the way back.

The 2nd Annual Corrigan Cornhole Memorial was not as official as years past but we had a good time - sans trophies.

The food was great, watched the masters and had banana splits for desert. yum. Hope your easter was good too!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

lazy long weekend

Well having friday off b/c of all the hours during the week was nice but I worried all day about a few jobs that had to get out the door. i did however: mop the floors, clean the master, buy a new bikini (cozumel!), meet danny at work and eat chiptole, rent a movie & make dinner (nothing fancy).

Saturday was a cookout at Ginas which was so much fun BUT not as warm as we had hoped.

Ive always liked taking pictures and now Im trying to take cool shots...


This is tiny - eventhough he looks huge:

We brought a beer mug candle. Dont get burned by the wax.

Gina decides to wrestle danny.

Then she breastfeeds Tiny.

Today mom and I ate lunch outside at Old Bag of Nails - was great weather.