Sunday, October 28, 2012

Riiiiiley! Riiiiley! - shes crawling!

Shes been rocking on those knees a few weeks now - fiiiiinnnallly, she is moving forward!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Memory game with actual memories

Ohhhh pinterest. You kill me. I'm a mom of 2 (now both NOT under 2) but I'm busy! You tease me with DIY kid projects but when do I have the time? Oh yes, when the rugrats are sleeping or sneak it in at work.

Today I made memory cards with photos...laminated and mounted to black board (which was hard as hell to cut), but they turned out awesome! Jack loves it!!! Soooo cute...

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Well we had rented out the shelter house at jacks favorite park for his party, but it was crappy out :( so instead, we had his party at the house and was still a great time!

He had fun with his friends and even shared all his toys without a whimper. But he did get shy when we all sing happy birthday!!! Was classic.

Besides that, he was chatty, polite (with his please and thank yous), opened his gifts, gave hugs goodbye and had a great time! And that is all that mattered :)

Jack turns 2!!

His birthday was Friday but since all the kids in his class are there Thursday, he had a party that day. We brought in hard hats, truck stickers and truck cookies! My friend whom I used to work with started a bakery...they were soooo cute! The kids had fun!

Then Friday he woke up to pancakes with candles and presents. We always teach him that fire is dangerous so he freaked out with the candles ("dangerous!!") - hilarious!!

Happy birthday kiddo!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin picking

This year we went to Mr Tree farm close by. They are a Christmas tree farm but have a small pumpkin patch, barn, animals and an old caboose! We had a lot of fun though Riley didn't exactly want to be put down (we woke her up from her nap).

They have hayrides, Santa, a petting zoo and more holiday fun so we will for sure be going again! Lastly we took home the goods and I put our initials on the pumpkins... So cute!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Turned 7 months

This girl is crazy! She's beating jack on milestones left and right. ;)

She walks around the house in the walker as good as he did at 8 months! Note she started doing this at 6 months...

She's pushing herself backwards (backwards crawling). We've been getting some rocking on the knees and downward dogs...I'm guessing forward crawling this month...we shall see!

She's eating some real foods and even yesterday had plain pasta...loved it.

She will stand up against things.

She is talking lots... My fav is "blah blah blah"...very baby appropriate.

And she loves to clap...clapping fool!

I wish blogger mobile would let me upload videos but I'm too lazy to get my laptop out...I'll post some soon though.

T minus 11 days...

And we will have a 2 year old (though you ask him how old he is now and he says 2).

This year he went from an only child to older brother, from a babbling kid to a talking boy, a kid who needed us to "jack do it" on everything, from a nighttime bottle to animated story time...

He's just the smartest, kindness, lovable boy. His laugh is infectious and his brilliance will leave you in awe.

Currently he talks in small sentences (and can't shut him up), when Riley is upset he runs right over and try's to make her laugh, he plays pretend with his trucks (loading them up and dumping them out), pretends to eat "oatmeal" and "pizza", repeats everything back (watch what you say), tries to count :), loves watching Calliou and Super Why, can throw a ball perfectly and even starting to catch (seriously a natural!)... Like always the list is endless.

But jack you've grown up so much this year into my little man and mommy and daddy couldn't be prouder!