Sunday, May 31, 2009

gina's 31 bday cookout

gina's dad threw a little cookout for her 31st bday. it was probably the prettiest day so far this year. we played some bocci ball, we brought skatch and badminton. had sangrias, brats and burgers - if its wasnt for work tomorrow, we would stayed all night - damn you work!

the riddles

Our friends debi and justin wanted me (yes me) to take some photos of them and their new baby grace. unfortunately, justins dad went into the hospital last night and the ER this morning - actually during our visit. thank goodness, he is ok. but we got in a few pictures in. hopefully once grandpa is better, i can take some more pics of grace. this is actually where we got married so took some ideas from my photographers - go grogan studios!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

our god-children

My best high school buddy Mikaela is in Alaska all summer so we get watch her frogs. Shes had them for 9 years and this is my 2nd summer babysitting them. The 1st was in 2003 when she lived in Tucson studying burrowing owls. Her and I are so different - but thats why I love her! they miss their mom.

Monday, May 25, 2009

we need more 3 day weekends!!!

lets invent some more holidays so we can all have great weekends like this one. we were busy BUT it was a good busy. Friday night we did nothing. Saturday we went to jessi and joshs for some keg wiffle ball. PBR on tap, sunshine, a guy with a clown cant beat it. Danny's team won.

next, we headed to my dads house for a cookout. my aunt and uncle from canada were in town so had some good food and caught up.

Sunday we went camping at buckeye lake. had a blast! its close so we are 100% going again, super soon!

Parker went swmming - much better this time than the last.
It rained for about 20 mins, so had to go into the tent...we played war!

Had to bring cornhole....
Colleen - this is Danny pretending to be Ryan...the best he could.

Cool old barn we saw.
I swear this is the house that crushed the wicked witch....