Thursday, November 27, 2014

Jacks 4th!

We did a lot this year - sort of spread out the birthday :) the day before his actual birthday we surprised the kids and took them to the Dayton Air Force was amazing! Replica space shuttle, old Apollo command module, a hug rocket room plus 3 huge hangers of old planes. Totally recommend it!

The following weekend we had a space party at COSI! We made glow in the dark slime, liquid nitrogen ice cream, rocket packs, constellations and more. Was a fun time. I can't believe he is 4!!!! Love you buddy! 

Apple picking 2014

Annual Corrigan apple picking started out chilly but ended up warm! Grabbed some gourds at the farmers market too. Love Lynds! 

Hilton Head 2014

This years HH trip was great! Great weather! Great drives! Great condo! Awesome time. The kids loved it and so did we. Can't wait to go back next year! We also saw Uncle John and Aunt Teri on the way down :) 


Oh she was born to dance....ballet lessons have arrived! She starts off shy but then gets right in it! Her favorite is the scarf dancing and circle time...and adl lib time :)