Sunday, February 16, 2014

1st Time Ice Skating!

Sunday Grandma met us at the ice rink and we gave it an Olympic try - which they did great!!! Riley was super stable on the skates - everyone was commenting on how little and cute she was on her itty-bitty skates. Jack took a little longer to not wobble. then on the ice Riley was super! Super slow too, but she had fun! Jack was out there a long time working on it. Then grandma rented jack a "helper" and that really did the trick - he was out there by himself!

Vday 2014

Its hard to believe, but this was Danny and my 9th Vday! He sent flowers and this crazy big bear to my office (uber embarrassing). We hung in (made a special dinner Sat night) but arent any other people in the world we would rather spend our day with :)
 Of course I couldnt wait so they opened their Vday bags thursday night! Jacks was superman filled and Rileys Minnie Mouse (with nail polish which she immediately sat down and wanted painted!)

 Grandma dropped off cards and big cookies Friday night!

My New Favorite Video

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jack 3yrs and almost 4mos

Ok I sound like a lunatic parent who thinks their kid is amazing but jack is seriously blowing my mind lately. 

Just today: 

Wrote Holden's name on his birthday card (he will write anyone's name if you spell it)

Came downstairs all dressed (jeans and shirt the right direction)

Was in the basement with Danny while he worked out...Danny looked over and jack was about done with this puzzle!

Then he was doing addition at the table with Danny. He would put fingers on the table and say stuff like "2 fingers plus 3 fingers equals what?" Jack would count in his head and say it! 


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hannah Morgan has arrived!

Our niece Hannah Morgan arrived Thursday 2/6/14 at 2:30 Arizona time, 6lbs 15oz 18" long.

She is so gorgeous and I can't wait to meet her next month! Hannah, look out for some major spoiling coming your way from your parents and grandparents! I have a feeling you are already wrapped around all their fingers!

Proud Daddy
Holding mommys hand

Happy grandma and grandpa!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Best friends

Sure they fight but usually they are the sweetest to one another. Jack will get Riley something and she will say "thanks jack!" Or jack is pouting because he wants to play with a certain toy she has and she'll give it to him. He loves her so much always wanting to hangout....Riley will be watching a movie and jack runs in "Riley you like beauty and beast? Me too. Can I watch?" We love watching them talk together and interact. Being so close in age, we hope they are always like this!

Big girl bed

The past few weeks Riley did awesome without the side on her crib so as an early bday gift, we got her a new bed! Her room is pretty small and with her huge yellow dresser it was tight but made it! She loves the bed. Sleeping great and even says "love my big girl bed". What a sweetie.