Wednesday, September 29, 2010

37 Weeks

Our Dr thinks Jack will be a week early so could be 2 weeks from now! Last weeks Dr apt I was 2 centimeters....still that at todays apt. But she did say i was having a "textbook" pregnancy so that was great to hear! Home stretch time!!!

At todays apt danny thought we should "practice"...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

gina and collin engagement shots

Gina and Collin wanted me (yes me) to take some engagement pics of them Saturday (now of course Ill be designing ALL they wedding invites/save the dates/seating cards ect) so was happy to take pics of them. We took these at a park near their house. I wanted to take some in their neighborhood - its old german village with old brick homes and stone streets BUT Gina was dying! It was only 74 out but posing and the sun, she was sweating up a storm. Maybe next weekend we will. These were just done with my Sony point and click (carl zeiss lens at least!!). I added some color tweaks and they turned out pretty good. I love taking pics - now if i only had a nice camera and maybe a class!

Here are some!

These are NOT their save the dates, but just showing her with the pics, what we could do.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

nesting and artshow

This weekend was great. great weather, great football (bucks smoked OU), good food, and lots of nesting!

Friday Danny got the pack n play up in the basement. we plan on chilling down there with him as much as possible - large open spaces, not much trouble he can get into when he's starting to walk, bar fridge, full bathroom, ect. plus we can get it dirty and i wont care (OCD!)

Saturday morning i stopped by my moms art show on the riverfront downtown. was a great location! Super weather too.

That afternoon, we had our hospital tour! we had been before for our friends daughters birth and classes. but we got the behind the scenes and what to expect the day we get there. its a new maternity wing (6 years old). its pretty cool (large private birthing and overnight rooms, hair dryers in the bathrooms, even the mirrors in the birth room come down from the ceiling (not that I want to see any of that).

After that - target run for the last of the baby stuff! we got a TON of giftcards - which are much appreciated. we got all almost all the necessities we didnt have (wash cloths, creams, more bottles for when i pump, night gowns ect.).

I have done so much laundry and the kid isnt even here yet. But i got all the new stuff (minus 1 more load) cleaned and everything stored. Today I even cleaned out kitchen drawers and designated 1 large one Jacks for bottles and feeding stuff. Danny put together the bathroom shelf for all his bathing items in the guest bathroom.

We are almost done with the nesting, but knowing me - ill find more to do :)

Moms booth:

She got Best In Show at her last artshow - blue ribbon on display!

Not sure where the cats came from but people love em.

Great backdrop - the city

On the water

And here is a 35 week belly shot. Im happy i still fit into my reg skinny jeans, but i need to wear long tops - the belly expander is at max capacity! Horizontal stripes should be off limits now actually....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

sewing and football!

I got so inspired by my friends and step-mom's handmade gifts that I made 2 nursing covers while football was on (ok i was in a room and couldnt hear the games but I have my Colts jersey on!). I dusted off the sewing machine and looked through piles of old fabrics I have. Picked some out and BAM, done. The cute ones online start at like $35 so another great reason to make them :)

baby shower!

Baby shower 2010: Mom and my step-mom Judy did a great job. Lots of great food and decor. The day was kinda hectic from the start! 1. Mom gets a call from one of her tenants - a shower is leaking into the downstairs! 2. Both Gahanna, OH exits are blocked with construction and an accident (people stuck in the traffic), 3. Mary White (80+ years old) didnt even make it into the house b/c she fell backwards off the front steps! Thank god she was OK but mom called the ambulance (against marys will) but man, there were some hot medics! that got us girls are excited!

Despite the above, it was a great time and my friends and family gave us super gifts. We are so lucky to have great people in our lives. Next on the agenda: the arrival!

Thank you candy bags with the trademark hippo :)

Getting the house set up. BTW everyone was in the kitchen, dining room and great room - no one in the livingroom or basement so got packed!

The co-hosts!

Beckys sister made the cupcakes and they were delicious!

My cupcake toppers - they turned out sooo cute!

The medics! I didnt want to go out and take pics so i took it from the window.

Gina was in charge of the game and she killed it. She did "Jackardy" - a play on Jeopardy! All the answers had "jack" in them. Even her prizes were "jack" related! 1st place: Kendall JACKson wine, 2nd place: A light up JACK o'lantern, 3rd place: a box of apple JACKS.

Becky got 3rd place!

Barb made this adorable hippo pillow!!! plus matching bibs - she totally needs to sell these. I got lots of handmade gifts from my crafty friends. I love them!

Judy finished Jacks quilt that matches his room!

She also made these J A C K pillows! too cute.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

my JACK o'lantern

I thought nothing about wearing an orange tank top to work on Wed...until everyone said it looked like i swallowed a pumpkin. so one of my bosses cut out some teeth, eyes and nose....hehe. well my dr wont let me go over a week so he wont be a Halloween baby but he could be close if he stays in there!

Monday, September 6, 2010

happy labor day

This morning we took parker on a nice walk at Creekside. We grabbed coffee from the new "crazy goat coffee" shop, ate some snacks by the fountains then went to the creek and park to play.

The rest of the day will be chillin and grillin.

Happy girl!