Sunday, April 18, 2010

13 Weeks

The belly is growing.....

Date Weekend

Date weekend came and went - too fast like most weekends do :( Danny brought home movies and flowers friday niht - great way to kick off date weekend :) We ate pizza and watched Brothers - real good. He also got Sherlock Holmes but I was too pooped to stay up for another movie.

Saturday we drove up to Cleveland to see the White Sox play the Indians. Good thing we got there early because the Cavs were playing the Bulls in a playoff game right next door! We got a good parking spot and ate at the Winking Lizard. Great wings. I had a Buckler non-alcoholic which was actually really good.

The Cavs had a "fanzone" set up outside - i make an ugly Shaq.
The game was sooooooo cold. We only stayed till the top of the 4th! But we harassed a bunch of players and got an autograph. The whole trip was fun despite it being cold - Cleveland is just cold and nasty - I swear whenever we go there is a cloud over it. Columbus was sunny and mild!

Omar signed Dannys ball and was super nice.
Gotta love the pregame stretching (this was taken with my cellphone - on Facebook within a minute)

Today we woke up bright & early and went to one of our favorite breakfast joints - and didnt have a wait! 1st time ever!

After some errands, came home and we switched out the guest room dressers with ours. The change is good. We just need to remount the TV.

Master with guest room dressers:
I wish the pictures were better, but the room really does look awesome in person. That vintage fan should probably move though :)

Guest room with master dresser, side table (not pictured) new curtain, and office leather chair
We have a great gameplan for the nursery (even picked out the new solid bamboo flooring today!!) so cant wait to start that project :) And the office will now be an office-gym mix since the babys room is the current gym.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ribs Ribs Ribs

This weekend was awesome. Friday night was a cold cookout at Andrea and Mark's with the TRHHSAC. Eventhough the temp dropped, it was fun a night (sober for me!).

PS: Yay my tulips are up!

Saturday we woke up, danny worked a few hours and i did some house stuff. Then we took a long 10,000 steps walk with Parker, looking at houses and loving the weather. Then we came home and made some RIBS! We've never made them before but totally going to make them again - finger licking good! 1st, we made some rub and popped them in the oven for a few hours. Next time we'll marinate longer, but not knowing they still were amazing.

Next onto the grill and brush with the bbq sauce...can you smell them?

Then onto a football platter and ready to dig in!

Sunday Danny fertilized, mowed - all that outdoor good stuff. I planted some flowers in pots for the deck. Danny watched the Masters (go Phil!) and Robin had a neighborhood cookout. I brought baked beans...yum. Was a perfect end to a perfect weekend. Dont want to go to work tomorrow - booooo!!!

More tulips. They are my favorite spring flowers....

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter Sunday - again! Boy time is flying. And it was the 4th Annual Corrigan Easter at our place. We woke up and did a 10,000 steps walk with Parker (= about 4 miles) and it was gorgeous this morning. The great weather lasted all day (still sunny even now at 6:30).

We got a new grill yesterday - and I love it. Its red and the design is slick (the sides even fold down) - yes Im much more about looks than function if you couldnt tell from my interior design style. We did grill some steaks last night and they were perfection so I think it will work out just fine :)
We set up the Annual Corrigan Cornhole Easter Tournament in the front yard this year. Mainly b/c the backyard isnt as flat.

Here was this years trophy - dad was pretty confident that he was going to be taking that home - but who can blame him, he has won the past 2 years.
We had a good # amount this year so we added a table to end of our table. Again, Im all about looks but held it together even with moving the table 90 OCD didnt go off the charts - amazing.
Dad is planning his strategy. Didnt work! The Corrigans kept the trophy this year!
Good form though dad.
Parker loved the weather.
We even pulled a bistro table the front to hold drinks. haha. I hated the idea but it was needed.
For whatever reason, we always take a family picture in the kitchen....
Time to eat some ham!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here comes baby! 11 weeks

Yep - we have a bun in the oven!! We decided after our 1st anniversary that we would give it a whirl and dannys boys can swim. On the 3rd months try (fresh new egg of 2010) I was late so we took a test and BAM, there it was! It was the day after Vday and what a great surprise!

Here is my tumy at 5 weeks - ok it looks just like I ate but still!
Then end Feb 27th we invited mom over to watch the Olympics and I made us we took a picture of her with her "Go Team USA" then she took a picture of us, but then and we turned it around to reveal a message "U R Going 2 B A Grandma" and she froze!! After I thought she was going to pass out I got a picture, then she got excited! It was soooo funny. After silence and shaking she yelled "Good job Danny!" to which he replied "My pleasure." Hilarious.
Week 7 we went for our 1st apt and we got an ultrasound - there it is! We saw the heartbeat flickering and heard the "whosh whosh". so cool. I even did amazing when they drew blood....which if you know me, I hate anything medical...I freak out. I better get used to it!
It was soooo hard not to tell Dannys parents but we waited until we got to Arizona for Kims wedding. Well actually, dannys dad knew which totally helped b/c he could order me the virgin margaritas and O'Douls. We kept it quiet till after the wedding when at breakfast we brought suprises for them - mugs with their faces on it and their new titles (grandpa/grandma/uncle/aunt). It took them a second to get it - even Kim! Dannys mom was just so happy to have a mug with her picture that she didnt even see the Grandma - she is so cute. But then she got it!

Opening the bags...
Kim figured it out!
Mrs C got it! Instant tears :)

Proud grandpa!

Here is my belly at 10 weeks:
And today we had a Dr's apt and we heard the heartbeat on the outside of my belly. The Dr said everything is Perfect (lab results, the beating...all of it) Great News!!!!

My 1st 11 weeks I actually felt super! Only a few days I didnt feel myself but nothing bad. Except I did get sick at the AZ airport the day we were leaving - threw up at the airport - gross!! But that was the worst by far :) Im sooo lucky. Cant wait to find out what we are having!