Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fork skills

Riley has crazy awesome motor skills! She can eat using a fork no problem! I remember once Riley was born still having to spoon feed oatmeal to jack at 16 months old! Today her school daily report card said she ate her food all day with a utensil all by herself ;)

Not only can she do that, she unscrews and puts caps back on everything (that's not childproof :), and can clasp and UNCLASP the clips on her chairs, and can even unlock the baby gate in her classroom....nuts! That's my girl! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The snyders

They are out neighbors and they are hilarious! They start these insane projects! Might take a while to finish them but they look great in the end. Friday night we came home to John sitting on a mini digger! Needless to say jack was in heaven!

Ryan turns 4!

What a perfect day for an outdoor party (although the humidity was high!). Alicia had a scavenger hunt planned at a park followed by pizza at planks. We had never been and it was yum. The kids had fun! Happy birthday Ryan!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Surprise birthday ballgame!

Danny is the best ever! I was supposed to go out if town for work over my bday, his and moms day but my trip changed to next month. But Danny surprised me by taking us and the kids to clippers game with a reserved terrace table at the bar! Well besides that my whole family showed up and the Silnes'! What a guy! Perfect weather too! You always do the best surprises! Love you baby!