Saturday, January 21, 2012


Last weekend we got some snow and jack got to try out his new sled! He loves it - who wouldnt :)

 Faster Dad!!!

33 weeks!

7 Weeks to go! These are 32 week belly shots...the belly just keeps growing! Man, she is rocking and rolling in there. I feel like Im ready to pop!!! But stay in there a while little girl - we'll see you soon enough!

baby shoes

 Ive been a sewing nut lately - way to go baby girl! i havent found any cute baby shoes that i like (found some sperrys and chucks but they are for when she is older) - therefore, i made some! took forever!!!! jessi found another pattern that looks easier/less time consuming so ill try that one soon. otherwise, these are cute! the brown/teal pair is for Joni's little girl due this may!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Jacks big boy room

This weekend was very productive! Saturday my dad and brothers came to help Danny move all the stuff out of the workout room and into my moms garage for storage (well chris took the futon to keep and our treadmill to hold onto until we move - hopefully by end of spring :) 

Today Danny got all of Jacks stuff into the new room and put together his new shelf. I got all the decor up and presto - he is sleeping in there right now. Theres still some details to finish - I have 2 robot drawings im finishing up and he needs some floating white shelves. But I love how it turned out. Its the biggest room in the house (even bigger than the master - lucky jack!).

Best of all, we can now get #2s room all set up! She is going in jacks old room.

This dinosaur lamp still needs a lamp shade...hoping to find a white square one... 

 That is Jacks play zone. We need to get some toys from the basement and put them in there.

 Love how the room is separated and theres this rocking zone!

The start of winter - finally

Its finally feeling like winter....the past month was full of warm temps and a lot of rain. But today it snowed all day - not heavy (thank goodness) but covered everything enough to be pretty but not dangerous. Jack put on his new snow boots and ventured on the deck. He did run out there at first and eat it though - pretty funny....


Sunday, January 1, 2012


This little girl is making me domestic! Ive been sewing lately - mainly blankets! I have found some perfect flannel and fabric prints - which is great because, Im not liking the blankets out there. So why not make my own right. The pictures are iPhone pics so not that great - but Im sure ill have cute ones of the blankets once she is in them :)

Found a great owl print in a jersey knit plus this gray with yellow swiss dot flannel! Perfect - owls are her animal and gray/lemon is her nursery!

This isnt a very big blanket but will be really soft and comfy till she out grows it - then it will go to Joni's little girl :)
 Jessi and I found this super pink and chocolate herringbone flannel fabric. I got this owl at Pier one (again, how perfect a gray owl!) so the blanket is shown here swaddling it till he gets here :)
 And duh - binkie clips!

New Years 2011

This New Years Eve was a first...didnt do anything! Well not anything, made a fire, we watched an episode of the OC (our fav TV show from back in the day), ordered a bunch of PF Changs to go, played board games, and watched the ball drop. It was a great way to end a spectacular year. Hoping 2012 brings us as good fortune as 2011 did - we are a lucky family.Wishing the same for all our family and friends too!

Jack wore dadas bow tie while he picked up the food
Part cheap white wine, mostly club soda - my NYE drink of the night lol!
Board games a fire - loved it.
OK this is crazy - but here was my NYE fortune....
the front:
 and the back - whoa!