Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Months

We had an impromptu photoshoot tonight - i went to get jack from grandmas and she put this cute outfit on him.... couldnt pass up the opportunity :) Just 2 more months and he'll be one - crazy!!

Im outta here! See ya!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

take me to the park

Saturday night we went to a Clippers game - finally! we havent been all summer! The weather was perfect. Jack popped a new tooth so he wasnt too happy just sitting there, so we walked around the park a bunch. was a fun night.

This is my new favorite picture!

Watching the game with dad...

Sunday morning we went to Antrim park with Parker. she played in the water while jack and i stayed dry. Its part of the columbus bike trail (i dunno 20+ miles of trail) so we walked a little of it till it got too hot.

on the verge of walking by himself....

Last monday (the 15th) danny was driving up and my mom was walking hand in hand with jack! he's getting soooo good!!

Then thursday my dad and judy were watching him and he was pushing gus on a chair on the deck - so funny. hes a bulldozer!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

July and Early August fun

July and the start of August has been busy! Jacks getting so big...what a little boy! Hes eating a ton of regular food, getting to be a pro at the sippy cup, walking around all the furniture, and chatting like he is really trying to tell us stuff. Heres a few random and in no order pics from the past few weeks.

Yesterday Grandma wanted to go to a local kiddie festival. Jack was still too small for the rides but he liked watching them (especially the people watching!)

Listening to a band

Dancing with mom
1st train ride with grandma
Avery and Jack at school racing in the hallway
Jack is only at daycare on Tuesdays and Fridays - and turns out Tuesdays are boy day! only jack, andrew and henry!

He just walks and pulls up on everything. this morning he was helping mom get ready for work.
Beef a roni!
A new spiderman bike from Grandpa and Grandma Corrigan
Hanging outside with parker
playing with trucks - he loves them
Jack is ready to walk any time now....he loves pushing his walker around the house


July 23rd we traveled up to Cleveland to see Tara, Jeff, Alistair and Autumn. We had a great time relaxing, playing with the kids, and eating some yummy grub and ribs! I tried to take some pics of their family, but i now realize taking pics with a 2.5 year old is pretty tough. i think they got a few though.

Then last weekend while danny was in Chicago for a bachlor party and Taras hubby was in the skies (pilot), she and the kids came down here for a sleepover.

We went to creekside to play in the water features, the creek and feed ducks. we got ice cream too. that night was pizza at the house. was nice to have them come visit!


July 8 - 10th was Ginas bachlorette party and bridal shower - aka - Gina-pa-looza.
Andrea, Gina and I started out with a half day of work on Friday, then headed to the renaissance hotel downtown for some time on the rooftop pool. was a little cloudy but the sun peaked out after a little while!

Ginas mom dropped off a vail...looks good right?
After a little R&R, we got ready to meet the rest of the girls at a restaurant down the street.
The rest of the night is not documented :)

Sunday was her bridal shower that her mom put on. was lovely :)