Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Program 2014

This year jack had some lines in the school Christmas play! He played both Baby and Adult Jesus (so technically he was the star of the show) - he did awesome! He loved being up - the singing part...not so much. Mostly swayed and stuck his tongue out haha. Riley we were a tad worried about b/c she doesnt like big crowds, but she did great too! She didnt sing much (none of the angels did), but she smiled and waved to us while looking so cute! We were so proud of them we got some ice cream afterwards!

R-I-L-E-Y writes her name!

This girl is incredible! Last weekend and all this week she's been writing her name! She's not technically even in preschool yet!! Her teachers are amazed to say the least :) 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Zoolights and thanksgiving

The annual Limited nights at the zoo was freezing this year! But we managed to get in some fun. Of course the Santa visit was there...the kids had their letters! Jack was perfect of course and Riley was saying all week she was going to sit on his lap...she caved. She did hand him his letter though and waved to him when he was feeding the fish in the aquarium :)

For thanksgiving we only had grandma over - the rest of the family was in Georgia seeing great grandpa. Was a nice quiet day. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Random November

November was busy and flew! One milestone was Riley got potty trained - yay!! (Though she started the week if Halloween technically) so proud of her :) 

Here are some favorite pics! 

Go Riley!!
Typical dinner


Had some nice weather!!
Riley drew herself...mad at me lol
And we had our first snow (a lot too!)

Saw Big Hero 6 

Halloween 2014

Best Halloween yet! Grandpa made jacks Saturn v rocket (best costume on our street we were told :), and juju made Riley's Elsa costume. Grandma showed up as Glinda the good witch and helped pass out candy. After Riley got her candy (they were gone an hour walking!) she passed out candy too. I think she likes that the best. Wasn't super warm but was dry! Loved it!

Ps first time ever I won the Corrigan Carve off!