Sunday, June 3, 2012

3 Month Riley!

Wow 3 months!!! She is growing up - ok notreally but the past few weeks she has been going from newborn to baby with some skills :) Finally sleeping all night, shes rolled completely over some but always from her back to side, holding her head up for super long times, taking the binkie (which is more for mom and dad :), talking and making bubbles, and on the verge of laughing!

Here are some of my favorite new pics we took today!

On the verge of giggles! At least she recognizes when she is supposed to laugh :)

wonderful weekend

I sure will be looking forward to the weekends again now that Im back to work. And this one was perfect! Perfect weather, parktime, grilling, the kids were on their best behavior and slept in (if you consider 6:30 "in"), and danny and my dad went on a 25 mile bikeride.

We were driving home on Saturday and drove through the airport to see if we could see "air panes" - sure enough one was coming in! So danny stopped in the  middle of the road (no cars were coming) and it flew right over us - jack yelled "whoaaaaa!" in his loudest voice LOL. He does this with grandma but we havent taken him). Anyways 2 seconds later a cop lights us up! Danny pulls over and he checks us and our plates out for 2 mins! He walks up and sees the kids, danny tells him the story and we get a nod with a wave....whew! Totally worth it though to hear jacks reaction.

Great grilling weather! Love the last photo too - jack and daddy looking for "air panes"

The amazing Jack

Seriously - I dont have any reference for kids and what they are supposed to do at 19 months, but he is just amazing! He is on a word and sentence explosion!!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See Book - can point out and say what each animal is

Farm Book - can find and say each animal AND what sounds they make (cow moooo, sheep baaaa, horsies naaayyy, fire truck woo ooo wooo ooo - ok thats not in the book lol...)

We had tacos on Monday - more tacos please (seriously LOL)

We have been working on 1-2-3. When we go up or down stairs we say them (currently working holding up fingers and saying how many are up)

Today we taught him beer - so he sees the bottle and says "daddys beer" now YES!!

Im sure there are lots more but these are what I can think of from this week. I cant wait for you to teach Riley!

Rileys 1st day of school

 All dressed and ready for school! Jack went that day too so he could pop in and say HI :)

Here is Diane - one of her teachers. She was also Jacks and shes been waiting 3 months for this day! The rumor is Riley had a great first day. At one point, Jack was asking about Riley so Diane brought her over and they were smiling at each other - awwww.

Thats Connor and Kate. Kate turned 1 this week so she will be transitioning to the Toddler room soon!

This is William - he is a tank! At 3 months he was 18lbs!! Anyways, all week, he and Riley smiled and flirted a bunch. 

And thats her class - 4 kids LOL!

last week of maternity leave

The last week of maternity leave was a busy one!!! I cant believe that 3 months came and gone! The first month was a blur but slowly it got better and now the routine is going well!

One day we went to the Columbus Museum of Art - they have a kid area which is perfect for Jack. Play with clay, climb and make forts, and a learn :)

Jack loves to hold Rileys hand in the car - busted!

Thursday we went to beckys new house! they got the gym in the back written into the contract so we had fun playing on that for a long time!

Thursday night my cousin Erica and Aunt Christy came to town. And I dont have any pictures of them! Whoops!! We had a nice time with family dinners and relaxing activities (like shopping!). Saturday night the "kids" went out to the bar :)

But Friday at school they had a kickoff to summer Luau! I got to leave Riley in the infant room and play/have lunch with Jack. Of course he saw the kiddie pools and put his feet in (thank goodness I had just brought an extra set of summer clothes for him to keep in his cubbie!)

Sunday we spent in bed watching cartoons :)

Monday was a date day! Dropped the kiddos off and went to the Memorial Golf tournament practice round! Great weather, had a few brews, danny got a few autographs and we hung with his boss and son. Nice last day before returning to work