Sunday, June 3, 2012

wonderful weekend

I sure will be looking forward to the weekends again now that Im back to work. And this one was perfect! Perfect weather, parktime, grilling, the kids were on their best behavior and slept in (if you consider 6:30 "in"), and danny and my dad went on a 25 mile bikeride.

We were driving home on Saturday and drove through the airport to see if we could see "air panes" - sure enough one was coming in! So danny stopped in the  middle of the road (no cars were coming) and it flew right over us - jack yelled "whoaaaaa!" in his loudest voice LOL. He does this with grandma but we havent taken him). Anyways 2 seconds later a cop lights us up! Danny pulls over and he checks us and our plates out for 2 mins! He walks up and sees the kids, danny tells him the story and we get a nod with a wave....whew! Totally worth it though to hear jacks reaction.

Great grilling weather! Love the last photo too - jack and daddy looking for "air panes"

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