Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall has arrived!

Doesn't get much better than this weekends fall weather! Saturday we hit up Lynds farm for the suncrisps and melrose (both our favs). Riley had her first non pureed apple and she wouldn't let it go!

Turns out at Lynds, it was "pumpkinpalooza" which is a fall festival that benefits Children's Hospital so perfect! Jack absolutely hated the barrel ride (pulled by a tractor) but other than that it was a good time!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homemade ABC board book!

1. I bought some board books from bare books online (chunky 8x8).
2. I designed pages with pictures of each kid either doing or with that letter (example: jack is petting a goat for G or Riley is wearing a hat for H)
3. I printed them out and laminated them with a xyron (with sticky back). I cut them down but not to the size of the page yet.
4. Then i carefully mounted them to the pages but not over the folds (that would cause the laminated pages to bubble).
5. After I mounted each page, I trimmed them to the size of the book with an xacto...presto!

The laminated pages are great for sticky or dirty hands - washes right off!

I'm sooooo obsessed! I'm ordering the 5x5s for smaller ones!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

First big haircut

Well just shy if 2 years and he finally gets his first BIG cut. Danny has cut a few curls that were out if control but I'd say this was his first. Good thing he has curls bc you don't need to be very accurate ;)

Friday, September 14, 2012

First family vacation!

We had our first family vacation! We rented a house in this awesome community called Beachwalk in Michigan City, IN (across the street from Danny's aunt beach house and the beach). The entire trip we didn't have a cloud in the sky, the temp was perfect and since it was the week after labor day, it was quiet!

Our house was in a wooded part so felt like camping when eating on the screened porch and after the kids were in bed, smores by the fire! The playground was across the street and we had a golf cart (which both kids loved!). The community is so family friendly will definately be going back next year. Besides the kids not sleeping that great, it was a perfect vacation! Here's some of my favorite pics!

Bridget & Robert tie the knot!

Another Chicago wedding! This time Robert was getting hitched. Our babysitter actually bailed on us 1 week before and the bride Bridget (who totally didn't have to help) found us one. Frannys babysitters roommate! So worked out perfect.

We drive up Friday late afternoon and hit major rain in Indy. I sat in the back with the kiddos while Danny made his slow way through it. We got to the hotel and Danny's parents were just coming home from the ballgame. Jack saw grandpa in the hallway and ran up to him (I bet grandpas heart melted). Then we all hungout in our suite. Grandpa read to jack his favorite book "Grandpa is a white sox fan, daddy is a white sox fan, and I'm a white sox fan". Was too cute.

Saturday was glorious fall weather. The party was super fun, Bridget looked amazing, and the best men looked phenomenal.

Sunday before we checked in to our beach house, grandpa, grandma, and us went to watch the Bears game. Good times!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Riley 6 months

Time has flown and Riley is 6 freaking months already! She is just the cutest thing...

Babbling all the time (plus the cutest "sighs"), she can't be in a room without jack, loves to sit up and take every toy put of the bucket, when on her belly she pushes those chubby legs and reaches like she wants to crawl so bad, loves solids but hates peas, has had bread and pieces of banana. Her teachers at school thinks she is so advanced for her age that they just try new things with her bc they think she can did it. Pretty funny.

What blows my mind is that in 2 months she'll be 8 months old and that's how old jack was when we found out Riley was coming!

Can't wait to see what she is like in another 6 months at 1 year!!!