Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Farm Days

COSI (the kids science museum) had Farm Days last week. Grandma actually took jack on Wed but her camera wasn't charged :( however, we planned on going too and obviously I had my camera! Jack milked a fake cow, watched a sheep being shaved, abd sat in tractors. Was fun.

We also did the usual kid space...but this time Riley got to play with a few things! She loved the waterzone especially.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Jessi and I ordered some nail decals from etsy....love them! Here's my first attempt with them...can't wait to try out my other ones too. And Riley got her first tutu lol...the Corrigan girls are stylin'.

Outdoor fun

The weather is slowly cooling down and soon out favorite time of year...fall!!! Last weekend we got a taste of it and enjoyed every minute! Hit up the zoo and playground...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Too many pictures mom!

Yes I know I have a problem. Isn't that half the battle recognizing when you have one? Well I don't think can break this habit yet...so I'm really sorry to those family and friends that are inundated with jack and Riley pics on Facebook and this blog. I just can't help it...if they would only stop being so freaking cute...

Monday, August 6, 2012

First I love you's

8.6.12 he said he loves us :) every night when he gets tucked in we say I love you. Tonight was my night for books and bed. After goodnight gorilla he wanted in his bed (like every night), put his books in his crib (like every night), put him in (like every night), he laid down, I kissed him and said I love you (like every night) but tonight he said I love you back!!! I said it again and did back again.

I shut the door and I ran into our bedroom and told Danny. He ran into his room, up to him, told him I love you and jack said I love you too...

Melted tonight :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jack at 21 months

I totally love how smart this kid is. He is incredible. I'm glad I've been blogging what he does bc I don't have anything written down so this what I have to refer to while I design their baby books lol!!

New stuff we can't get enough of:
Gives knuckles and says "boom"

Loves his "craaayons" and could draw all day if let him.

Can maneuver my iPad and watch/select his own YouTube videos to watch

Repeats whole alphabet back

Plays a memory game on his kindle fire - just like the one where you flip cards to match animals (he is incredible at it "one whale...two whales!")

Says bye bye to everything (that's how we get him to leave somewhere haha!)

Knows so many more animals and what they say (rhino, sheep, zebra, tries to say antelope)

Loves "swimming in the peoooolll"

Can pick out and say all the different trucks in his new "big truck book"...including ambulance!

Says "what is that?" in this low voice when he sees something.

The list goes on and on but he is so smart and does so many things, it's hard to remember he's only 21 months old!

Susan's wedding

2 weekends ago we had our first family of 4 road trip to Chicago for cousin susans wedding. Friday was a birthday party for aunt mary v with lots of family, the pool, and craziness! Saturday we hungout with uncle gary and aunt kim. That night was the wedding and was a great party! Plus yellow and gray...you know I love that. The kids did great in the hotel and car ride but we sure were exhausted!

I can't figure out in this app how to order the pics so sorry but they are in random order!!

Miss Riley

She's amazing! Sitting up all by herself, loves eating solids, laughing at her brother, singing us songs, and wants to play with everything! I can't believe she is 22 weeks and 5 month on the 6th (Monday)!

Summer fun

The last 2 months have been busy! Lots of park time, looking for construction sites, getting ice cream, going to grandmas artshows...We've been trying to stay cool in this heat too. Lots of drawing and hanging in the basement. I can't believe it's already August! In no order here's some summer pics!