Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jack at 21 months

I totally love how smart this kid is. He is incredible. I'm glad I've been blogging what he does bc I don't have anything written down so this what I have to refer to while I design their baby books lol!!

New stuff we can't get enough of:
Gives knuckles and says "boom"

Loves his "craaayons" and could draw all day if let him.

Can maneuver my iPad and watch/select his own YouTube videos to watch

Repeats whole alphabet back

Plays a memory game on his kindle fire - just like the one where you flip cards to match animals (he is incredible at it "one whale...two whales!")

Says bye bye to everything (that's how we get him to leave somewhere haha!)

Knows so many more animals and what they say (rhino, sheep, zebra, tries to say antelope)

Loves "swimming in the peoooolll"

Can pick out and say all the different trucks in his new "big truck book"...including ambulance!

Says "what is that?" in this low voice when he sees something.

The list goes on and on but he is so smart and does so many things, it's hard to remember he's only 21 months old!

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