Tuesday, June 30, 2009


this is after 30 mins of doing...i was sooo tired!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Home and Garden Tour

Sunday was a great. We rode our bikes to creekside for breakfast and happen to see in the paper that the German Village Home and Garden tour was that day. Danny and I have been talking about our next house being down there! Its in a historic district of downtown with old brick streets lined with small shops and restaurants. We love it. Homes are pricey but we are thinking about buying some land in schumacher place (next door to german village) and building a cool modern home. But who knows...we like to dream :) Anyhoo - we saw some great homes (no photos allowed) and even more impressive gardens. Then went to Schmidts for homemade brats and german beers!

This is the builder and the home style they design - LOVE IT!

Monday, June 22, 2009

sox vs reds

Sunday we drove to Cincinnati to see the white sox play the reds. It was civil rights weekend and we even saw Sugar Ray Leonard there giving a little speech and answering questions. It was super hot but we had a blast. The sox won even :)

Colleen - we found Nolan (in a few years) - just like dad huh...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


The Ball Busters pulled out a super win on thursday night. everyone had a great game. Just so people can see where we play - here are some pics. Its a ton of fun playing in the heart of downtown right on the statehouse lawn!

Monday, June 15, 2009

chrismas in june

so last friday, the BBW visual team but their holiday 09 window props in a room near design - i couldnt resist. at that size, the "moosedeer' is kinda creepy but also kinda cute...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

3 nights of fun

Thursday night kickball didnt happen due to rain...but the team still met up for drinks at the sponsorship bar Gresso's. Was a good time as usual! BUT Hopefully next thursday we get to kick some large balls.

Friday we all went to see The Hangover - one of the most funny movies we have seen in a while!!! 100% recommend that! But before the movie we had drinks and mexican food at Adobe Gilas. 1. their waitresses' are gross. 2. their food was gross. 3. I got this great bikini lady glass with my drink and that made it all worth it.

Saturday I actually got a lot done - took parker to the vet, got my oil changed, got some roceries, got a new hair straightener - all before noon which left some time to bake in the sun. Danny went golfing with Collin so i had the place to myself. That night though the gang came over to watch UFC pay-per-view. Again, we all had fun but our livers our probably going to give out soon.

Sunday steaks. so got all excited to grill some yummy steaks tonight. I put them on and the grill is out of gas!!! RRRRR. had to finish them in the over under the broiler. Danny will atest, i am a great griller but 100% pissed that happened. we still ate outside and danny made a great salad with honey/oil dressing and baked beans. back to work tomorrow - i need to start to play the lotto.

Monday, June 8, 2009

kickball on the statehouse lawn

danny and i joined a kickball team this summer! we play with gina, mark, andrea, collin and rebecca (who is preggers so actually not playing). the whole team is super nice. we had our 1st game thursday night. i was 2 for 2 with a double and RBI and danny was so good, the team gave him the MVP for the game! we are sponsored by a bar gresso's so afterwards went for drinks on the patio...till much later than we expected but was way fun. friday at work actually wasnt that bad :)

rebecca took these pictures but Ill take some more this week!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

arts + music

= the columbus arts festival

Josh played the art show this year so went down to listen to his tunes - great show!

I also got a new purse this weekend - love it. Had a macys giftcard from forever ago. This Fossil bag was $150, on sale for $120 plus 40% off - only cost me $83 but had $60 on the giftcard - score!

girls day while boys golf

Girls day checklist:
1. drink margaritas (without ice b/c the boys took it all for their golf beer cooler)
2. go to the store for veggies, stuff to make humus, wine and beer.
3. hangout in the backyard listening to music and have "girl talk"
4. think about going to get pedicures and manicures but dont
5. drunk dancing

The boys are back from golfing! Dirty dancing time!

Then we walked over to club 185 for some more drinks and food.