Sunday, June 7, 2009

girls day while boys golf

Girls day checklist:
1. drink margaritas (without ice b/c the boys took it all for their golf beer cooler)
2. go to the store for veggies, stuff to make humus, wine and beer.
3. hangout in the backyard listening to music and have "girl talk"
4. think about going to get pedicures and manicures but dont
5. drunk dancing

The boys are back from golfing! Dirty dancing time!

Then we walked over to club 185 for some more drinks and food.

1 comment:

Four to Score said...

i wish i could have come to girls day! i want some margaritas. actually, a margarita would probably knock me unconscious! what a fun day. and why are you the only one not drunk dirty dancing? prob cause you're the one taking the picture, right?