Monday, June 29, 2009

Home and Garden Tour

Sunday was a great. We rode our bikes to creekside for breakfast and happen to see in the paper that the German Village Home and Garden tour was that day. Danny and I have been talking about our next house being down there! Its in a historic district of downtown with old brick streets lined with small shops and restaurants. We love it. Homes are pricey but we are thinking about buying some land in schumacher place (next door to german village) and building a cool modern home. But who knows...we like to dream :) Anyhoo - we saw some great homes (no photos allowed) and even more impressive gardens. Then went to Schmidts for homemade brats and german beers!

This is the builder and the home style they design - LOVE IT!

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Four to Score said...

so you got to walk around people's houses? is that what the tour was? ryan and i are ADDICTED to looking at homes online. we daydream probably a little too much, ha! it looks like you guys are having great weather. it's supposed to rain for the next 6 days (yeah right) but the weather still calls for 107 degrees all 6 days - only in phoenix!