Sunday, March 13, 2011

Binkie Holders

So Jack only likes the Soothie binkies and I looked everywhere for binkie clips that hold that style...finally after constantly finding his under the couch or not at all, I saw someone on Etsy who made these....I was going to buy it and thought "dude, I have a bunch of awesome fabric - I could make these but look even cooler" - Bam. Done.

We dont have a name yet but Danny is calling it the "Binkie Bro" - its cute for boy versions but Im not sold yet. I need to come up with a name and logo. After our AZ trip Ill start on it.

Here are some that I made this weekend. Jacks been wearing his and its great!!! Autumn is getting hers shipped tomorrow :)

Jack will obvisouly be in the marketing - here he is practicing:

In my mouth...
Oh no, I grabbed it...where will it go?
Oh no problem, its attached to my shirt. Wheewwwww.

a great weekend

Ahhh...what a super weekend. The best of 2011 so far. Friday night was our usual but we tried my friends boyfriends new pizza place...Romeos. Was super. Pizza, beer, Real Housewives of the OC and Dateline....cant get any better for me!

Saturday was awesome!!! Woke up to a happy kiddo.

Got a fresh haircut. BUT my hair girl brooke is moving so Ill have to get a new one. Booo.
After I did some shopping, it was so gorgeous out. Jack is taking his "wheels" for a spin on the driveway.
Danny is still not 100% so he slept while mom, jack and parker took a long walk.
We came home and dad was ready to hit some golfballs on the lawn and have a beer! 1st time jacks sat in grass!

Danny grilled some kabobs and they were perfect. Cant wait for more warm temp activities!
Today was colder (booo). But still a nice corrigan day :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

beat boxin

Jack and dad beat boxing..

baby food

Danny picked up some earths best sweet potato baby food on saturday for jack to try...and heck ya, he loved it! i couldnt WAIT to make baby food and the time has come. Im not a great cook in the kitchen but pureeing food cant be that hard, right?

From raw.... ready to eat! 2 sweet potatoes made a TON...even had to freeze some!