Sunday, October 27, 2013

Firehouse, pumpkins, and bike riding oh my!

This weekend was busy! First we had a Halloween party at our old neighbors house (they go all out, including this year a fake fence around the while front yard for a cemetery... Seriously?)

Saturday jack had a bday party at a firehouse...very cute! 

We ended the night with Chipotle, jeni's ice cream, pumpkin carving/painting, glow sticks and ghostbusters!

Sunday the weather is perfect. We rode our bikes, helped daddy rack leaves, and watching football with Danny chili. These are the types of weekends you live for!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Enjoying the fall weather

Saturday during jacks party it poured! But Friday and Sunday was gorgeous! We didn't go anywhere but had fun at home. We have sooooo many leaves now...that means playing in piles! And today we blowed up the birthday bouncy house and had some fun in the crisp weather. Love these kids!

Riley has not wanted to go near bouncy houses but today she went for if and loves it, yay! Good thing too bc we own it - was jacks bday gift from us!


Jacks 3rd dinosaur birthday!

1. I can't believe he is 3. 2. It rained on his party day again! But that didn't stop us from having a roaring good time! We had a Dino dig, decorate your own din-oculars, bouncy house (that jack now owns:) in the garage and lots of blow up dinosaurs to keep the kids entertained! I think they all had a good time since there no cries (except for jack when daddy tried to take his new light upstairs). 

Danny's coworker made the cake!

Judy's Dino eggs were a hit!
Dino dig with macaroni!
The kids decorated their own binoculars (or as jack calls them din-oculars)

Thanks for coming pails!

Bouncy house in the garage lol

Attack daddy!

My fav pic of the day ;)

He got a big construction light from grandma!
Grandpa and juju got him a real bike!

Testing out his new wheels! He did pretty good!!!

Happy birthday jack attack!