Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jacks 6 Month Photoshoot

1 of the 2 of our awesome wedding photographers came over and took some pics of jack a few weeks ago! There are a ton but here are some of our favs. He's 7 months old now - he's growing up too fast!!

Big boy bath

Jacks too big for his whale tub May 9th....we tried a big boy bath and he loved it! He loves eating his toys while getting clean :)

32 Years Old

Danny and my birthday usually falls around the Kentucky Derby so on the 7th we threw a Derby party! We made mint juleps, benedictine sandwiches, bakes brie, ribs and dressed up! Was a fun time eventhough none of our horses won.

Jack is pretty pumped.

Then sunday was my birthday and moms day :) I woke up to my favorite everything bagels and coffee plus a iPad2 from jack :) He even got it inscribed - thanks buddy!

Then we went to Jasons for a nice moms day brunch.

It was such a super day outside! We played a bunch in the yard and took 3 walks.

Jack loves his tent.
What an exhausting weekend - the boys were pooped.

collins bday

Been a while since Ive been able to post some things! Last saturday in April was Collins bday - we dropped Jack off with grandpa and bachan and met the crew for drinks on the patio then fancy food at Bistro American. Good food and fun times.

The soon-to-be-mosers!

Gina is a messy eater...