Monday, August 30, 2010

32 Week Ultrasound Attempt #2

Success! We saw his face - for a little while at least. He was still shy!

He stuck his tongue out at us - that stinker! Click to see larger :)

This was 2 weeks ago - he was super shy...wouldnt let us see his face, but it was really cute :)

7.5 weeks buddy! Cant wait!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

1st baby class!

Today was our 1st baby class - "The First Three Months". Was long but we learned a lot! We practiced changing diapers and swaddling on fake babies. We had to bring our own. So a few weeks ago my buddy Barb lent me this doll that she designed baby clothes for. Its likes one of those dolls that crazy old ladies collect - its so real looking i thought it would kill us in our sleep! But its been great for practice. We practice the "pass offs" and stuff around the house. I took the dress off it and put it in Jack clothes. The doll was really helpful today. We learned a lot about safety and what we actually need vs what if out on the market.

Next Thursday is my "Nursing Class" - haha! Today, we watched a video that showed some of that (plus learned high level about it today) and boy was it akward! Boobies! Mom is coming with me to that class - its going to be interesting.

Danny practicing the "football" hold

1st diaper change....and it was on a doll (we both showed good potential)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

32 weeks....getting closer!

Ahhhh 32 weeks....this felt like ages away at 1 point and BAM, its here. Ive been so lucky throughout this pregnancy (no morning sickness, a little heartburn - which i thought would totally get worse but hasnt been bad at all, no real swelling, no leg cramps....but definitely lots of peeing and hard to roll over in bed :) My fingers are crossed that I stay so lucky these next 8 weeks.

Jack is kicking up a storm the past few weeks. What does he not have enough room in there??? haha! Danny came up with a perfect name for his kick fits - "Jack Attacks".

Tonight was kickball - Im sad I cant play but I get to yell and ring our "ballbuster cow bell" to annoy the other team. I had to pee so bad and the fact that we play on the statehouse lawn without a bathroom is not good. So I went to a restaurant down the street and told them if they let me pee, Id buy a pickle. Win Win. But we lost lost the game :( Still was a blast.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

kitchen backsplash

Almost 2 years in the making - Christmas of '08, my twin Chris said he'd put in a kitchen tile backsplash....well we finally got it! He actually had a box of this glass and marble tile left over from a bathroom job he did. Its just what we wanted! So we only had to buy 1 box and presto - all done! We also have it on the wall by fridge (small section). Looks sharp. Now if we could only get ride of the white tile....maybe in 2 years :) Thanks Chris!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

wedding dress shopping with gina

I met Gina (bride) and another bridesmaid (Maureen) at Big Rock, Little Rooster in the short north to check out dresses Saturday. The boutique is awesome and full of vintage dresses, vera wangs and other designer dresses. Gina picked about 6 to try on. Some ok, some not ok! BUT we found one that is her #1 so far (after going to 2 other stores before this). Its a dress that people would say "gina looks stunning in that dress", instead of "that dress is gorgeous". We accessorized with this huge vintage necklace and fishnet vail. Could look super cute! Mind you, these are iPhone them to view larger :)

She tried on several "ballgrown'ish" styles. This was the best of what we saw...very pretty.

This is a No.
Looked better in person, but No.

Gina has been eyeing feathered dresses but unfortunately, this one had the feathers starting at the wrong spot - just wasnt that flattering in person.

Now I must say, this is the one I told Gina, I wanted to see her in. Its a slub/rough silk...and it fit her amazingly! The boobies part would need a little altering so she isnt pulling it up, but this was todays winner!!

Beautiful sparkly buttons

The necklace really added some glam. the ruching (spelling???) at the top and the where the tight part falls on her is so flattering. Wish my pics were better!!! Loved it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

camera shy

So we went to the 3D/4D ultrasound place after work and wouldnt you know - jack was not in the mood to get his picture taken!! haha! he had his face facing my spine with hands covering it the whole time!! we tried to move him but he wasnt budging. we will go back in 2 weeks to take another look (for free).

We did get some god views: he's chuncking up, still got all 5 fingers and toes, and hair!! :) keep cooking in there buddy but next time you better be camera ready for mom and dad!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

30 weeks and Nursery is 99% done - whewww

Ahhh 30 weeks....crazy to think in 10 weeks (if not sooner) we will have a kiddo! We just got the mattress and diaper changing pad thingy and danny hung the curtains - we are 99% done in there! Judy just needs to make the sheets (I picked the fabrics outs :), plus make the rocker pillow (will have a J on 1 side and the hippo silhouette on the other). I really like it. I thought it would be more "industrial" but i like that its young'ish but not too baby. if that makes sense.

The gray rug is made of recycled water bottles and I love the debossed circles!

My view from the rocker - but ill have a little flat sceen on the dresser for those middle of the night feedings (I hear Law and Order is always on...)

Monday, August 9, 2010

shower invite!

My baby shower isnt for another month but I got the invites designed, printed and mom sent them out today! They turned out über cute too. The matching stickers on the back flap are a nice touch I must say. Mom and my step-mom Judy are hosting it at my place and I cant wait!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

basement project - in progress

With Jack on the way and our upstairs not all that family friendly (looks like no one lives in the house b/c its so clean and minimalist), we rearranged the basement to be more functional. Last weekend (or 2 cant remember), the boys came over and moved the pool table to where the TV and couch were and vice versus. That space is bigger so now Jack and Parker can crawl and play.

We made a trip to IKEA in Cincinnati (with a flat bed trailor attached to my Jeep) and picked up a new couch (its smaller than the other corner couch and fits the space better - plus it easily pulls out into this cool bed which is fun for movie night!). Got some lighting and things. We still need: a new rug and a new chair and ottoman for the rights side of the couch. If we see another one to replace the red chair, great too.

Again, its not done but heres the progress.

TV side:

Chair and ottoman on that side is a need:

Pool tables new home (oh and we put a desk with 1 of the computers down - we have 2 laptops and 2 desktops....why, dont know. So now the 4th bedroom is strictly a workout room (which I cant wait to use again!):