Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 started out with Danny taking Wed through the rest of the week off! Was so awesome having him home...not only so mom got a break all week but b/c we miss him when he is at work!

The family came over Thursday. Everyone brought something so worked out great. Jack was an angel all day being passed around (rather than his reflux fussy self :). Lots to drink and eat!

Grandma and Jack
Part of the table. With 7 we had a semi-weird set up...
Me and my buddy!
Parker loves her dad
Grandpa playing with Parker....gross
Nappin on Bachan
Friday's tradition to put the tree up!
Since Jack is doing pretty good with the head thing, we put him in the bumbo. He holds it up for a little while and we got the cutest picture! its my new favorite!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pre Tday at the Silnes'

The annual Silnes Pre Tday party was super - they always have the BEST food! Marks deep fried turkey was the best by far. Andrea made a souffle but part of it dripped on the oven...smoke filled the house but really thats normal when we are there. Im not sure why. We had a great time - so glad I cold drink!

Getting ready for grub!

The host and hostess!

Changing the little mans diaper...

Family picture of course

Fist BUMP!

"I just get breast milk and a pacifer? WTF? I want turkey!"

The birthday boys (both Oct 19th)

Aunt Gina loves to feed Jack

Aunt andrea has the magic touch

Collin was a natural (sike)

Ahhh the smoke...typical silnes party

new treadmill!

I was kinda like "we dont need a treadmill" when danny started looking at Craigslist...but he wanted one and it would be our xmas gift to one another. So he found this Nordictrack one that was 1500 for 800...he got them down to 600. I was still kinda like "thats a lot". But he and my dad picked it up. I just ran on it - I love it! Worth it for sure! It has a built in fan, ipod hookup, big speakers, great big awesome. It folds up too but it really sturdy.

Free weights - check.
Stationary Bike - check.
Bands/Yoga mat/weight bench/workout crap - check.

The workout room is complete! Well not really...need a flat screen :)

The best part about the home gym is you can wear whatever you want - obviously...

Friday, November 19, 2010

1 month old!!

Wow 1 month has flown and he is getting so big! Happy 1 month birthday buddy!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

3 weeks - venture out week

This week was "venture out week". Monday (or heck might have been tuesday!) was a LONG walk with parker. The weather was stellar out so had to take advantage!

Wednesday Grandpa came over and we went on a super long walk at a park with trails. Was so warm out I was sweating!

Thursday we went to Grandmas house for lunch!

Friday we went to my co worker beckys house to see her twins! They are 4.5 months old - they were premies but are doing amazing! They are HUGE now!

Saturday was stay at home day - I ran some errands (including finally got my "push gift" ring back from our jewelers all sized and ready to wear!) I came home to my boys relaxing.

Sunday morning faces

His Bears onesie fits wayyyy better at 3 weeks old than 3 days old! haha! They won this week!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

week 2

This week went really well. Danny went back to work so i was home with him. I did have visitors so that helped to pass the time. So funny but I pictured all this down time to clean and crap - haha, ya right! But I did get my pertussis shot on Tuesday and left jack with grandma kathy - besides my apt taking well OVER and hour longer than needed, she and jack did awesome.

Well we think he is a gassy baby...he gets fussy after eating and after his 11pm feeding he gets really fussy (thats dads time too which stinks). So the dr said try the mylicon drops which we think is helping. we also got the Dr Brown bottles for when he takes the boobie milk from the bottle. We also do leg lifts and its so funny - you lift the leg and "fart"! Ill try and get a video!

Heres some of my fav pics from this week!

Happy Jack :)

Dannys cousin Elizabeth sent him the cutest white socks and bears stuff - plus socks, JACK bib, and this burp cloth which is too cute to use.
His 1st mohawk
Gina stopped by Wednesday for some jack time - she got parker time too

Tara sent me a pic of her and her "several days old" daughter at the park. Granted they are in warm FL. Jacks been around teh block in stroller a few times this week but I said F IT and got jack in the baby bjorn and took parker to park! He loves that thing!
Sunday is football with dad. Go Bears! I have my colts gear on but being dads son he has to root for dads teams and Im fine with that!

Here is a video we sent Grandpa and Grandma Corrigan!