Sunday, November 7, 2010

week 2

This week went really well. Danny went back to work so i was home with him. I did have visitors so that helped to pass the time. So funny but I pictured all this down time to clean and crap - haha, ya right! But I did get my pertussis shot on Tuesday and left jack with grandma kathy - besides my apt taking well OVER and hour longer than needed, she and jack did awesome.

Well we think he is a gassy baby...he gets fussy after eating and after his 11pm feeding he gets really fussy (thats dads time too which stinks). So the dr said try the mylicon drops which we think is helping. we also got the Dr Brown bottles for when he takes the boobie milk from the bottle. We also do leg lifts and its so funny - you lift the leg and "fart"! Ill try and get a video!

Heres some of my fav pics from this week!

Happy Jack :)

Dannys cousin Elizabeth sent him the cutest white socks and bears stuff - plus socks, JACK bib, and this burp cloth which is too cute to use.
His 1st mohawk
Gina stopped by Wednesday for some jack time - she got parker time too

Tara sent me a pic of her and her "several days old" daughter at the park. Granted they are in warm FL. Jacks been around teh block in stroller a few times this week but I said F IT and got jack in the baby bjorn and took parker to park! He loves that thing!
Sunday is football with dad. Go Bears! I have my colts gear on but being dads son he has to root for dads teams and Im fine with that!

Here is a video we sent Grandpa and Grandma Corrigan!

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Four to Score said...

okay first - there's a 'dad's time' when he's the only one working right now?! wow, you should tell ryan that. what a novel idea?! we still haven't worked out a dad time yet... prob never will he's not that kinda dad. danny sounds like a super duper daddy already - score 1 one for daddy!

we loved us some mylicon drops around here too. and dr browns bottles too.

i love the bjorn. i used one a lot with nolan (i had 2 that weren't walking).

that video is too cute. and i'm jealous of your friend gina, i wish i could come and hold him like that ;-(

and no kidding on the no down time! i'm still waiting for it, ha!

love you jack!