Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 of 2009

Margaux's Best of 2009 Countdown:

10: The awesome summer weather - only got over 90 degrees 1 day and mostly all sunny days!

9: Surprising Dannys mom in March. Flew out to AZ on a stealth mission without her knowing. Then showing up to their dinner out of the blue!

8: Had a great year at work. I love my job.

7: Anniversary trip to Cozumel. Vespas, drinks, sun, swimming. Oh and that crab that snuck up on us at dinner. Had the best time.

6: The baseball hall of fame with Dannys dad. They were like little kids.

5: Danny NOT working in real estate ONLY b/c then I got to see him on the weekends unlike before...Im selfish. He is going to go back this coming year but only on the side. yay!

4: Chicago/Lake Michigan: Love seeing the Noonans and hanging at their beach house! Cant wait for next summer! PLus, Elizabeths wedding was so fun with the whole family there.

3: Joni flying out for our 30th birthday party! Danny and her had "operation punky brewster" and they pulled it off soooooo good!

2. Learning the Moonwalk. That will make it into a lot of weddings this upcoming year.

and the #1 of 2009.......

Being Mrs Corrigan the whole year! Not only for the joint tax return (hehe) but b/c I married the man of my dreams who spoils me rotten and I love him more & more everyday...awwwww.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

white sunday night?

So instead of a white christmas, we are getting a white sunday night...bummer but still pretty. Hope it dumps all night!
Its really blowing

The backyard

Christmas Vacation

And like that Christmas 09 is done. Moms Xmas eve party was smaller this year which was actually perfect. Christmas day was rainy and washed away the snow that was on the ground! UGH! I didnt take many pictures but we opened gifts in the morning (love all my gifts baby! you are always the best at gift giving). Mom, Chris and our family friend Ken came over for breakfast. Then we went to my dads for gifts, spiked nog and dinner. As usual, they were way to generous. That night we watched Time Bandits (one of my favs as a kid) and then the new Harrison Ford movie (well that one watched me).

Saturday we spent 6 hours out trying to use our giftcards at the mall but we actully didnt get too much! Next weekend will be shopping round 2!

Moms house xmas eve (i didnt take the pic - its blurry!)

Who doesnt want a beer helmet for Christmas?
Danny always listens and takes notes. My old chucks are still in good shape, but i really wanted grey ones...score. i got excited and took a pic :) they are already semi-dirty from the dog park this morning (cant wear clean chucks duh!)
"Why is the carpet all wet Todd? I dont know Margo!" Gotta love Christmas Vacation...i get that saying all year round :) This year Todd got me a gift.
Gus loves his boxes.
Parker is winking at you. Such a flirt.
Hanging at Dads house...Im so mad b/c I saw that painting on the right at a show (I thought it was expensive so didnt even ask the artist about it). A week later, went to dads BAM he got it (in an art trade for one of his). Dang it! Im still bitter. Dad has good taste though :)
Danny got dad this penguin. its so real looking. i love that he looks sad! My dad loves weird crap...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

TRHHSAC holiday party

The Totally Rad Happy Hour and Social Athletic Club (our group of friends) had our Christmas party last night. We baked cookies, opened gifts, played Trivial Pursuit with National Lampoons Xmas Vacation and Elf on, ate and drank. Was a great time and no fights broke out during gametime!

Danny making his famous wreaths in his santa apron (too cute)
parker rocking her jingle bell holiday collar thingy from grandma
Mark (aka Executive Chef and Head Taster) brought his chefs coat
So i tried to make chocolate chip and walnut batter was a tad soupy. but we put it in a pan and made squares! actually worked out pretty well! PS I need a haircut - this thursday (amen!)
Gift time!

Danny each got the boys Wii games so we had to try them out. Mark got a hunting game with a gun (b/c he is republican) and collin got a nijia ame with swords (b/c he is obsessed with nijias....)

Game time!
Parker and her man
Gina tooted.
Gina and tiny
Me and Gus' butthole

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Our little girl turns 3 today! She woke up to some gifts and lots of kisses. She would take 1 toy, then run out the room...then come back ready for another. She is too cute. Wish I had better pictures but she was scared the bag!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Griswalds Have Nothing on Us

Matching holiday sweater vests + turtlenecks = a corrigan christmas

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moms Secret 60th Bday Party

Mission accomplished. We all pitched in (from decor to booking Surly Girl) plus the weather held off enough for most people to show up. Best part, she was surprised! Happy Birthday Mom!

The Birthday Girl!

Jason forgot the candles for the the table candle had to do.

The invite.

I actually had to read the cards to where were your readers! I guess its practice.

Twin fight!

Helium + Party Horn Straw Pickup = Fun

Monday, December 7, 2009

chicago fun!

We arrived in Chi-town Friday night. Checked into the Hilton and met up with the family - who had been bar hoping for a few hours! The irish bar was so much fun!

It started to snow that night - sooooo pretty on michigan ave.
The next morning I realized I packed 2 different heels!!! thank goodness I realized BEFORE I was getting dressed at 1pm! Oh darn, we had to go to Macys after breakfast....
Here are the new cant tell but they are decor on the top...thanks for helping me kim!

So Andrea and Vinnie were supposed to take 1 of us for 5 and 5 in each car...well b/c we had to run to Macys, we were running a little late, and they left us! So danny sat on the back!
The church was AMAZING!

I have a million pics, but here are a few.

Look at the size of that wedding party!!!
We stayed at the Hilton Friday and of course Sat is the foyer going to the grand ballroom - so holiday - loved it!
Cute couple alert!!!
With the bride - she was gorgeous
Cocktail hour
Lets get this party started!
The reception was in the Grand Ballroom - no this isnt a movie....stunning!

Here comes the Mr & Mrs!
1st Dance
Danny cutting rug with his mom
The band rocked
The Corrigans - awwww
Lots of drinking & dancing!
Sunday, after an amazing brunch in the parents of the bride's Imperial suite at the Hilton (wowza!), we walked over the Bears Game! The coldest Ive ever been in my entire life.

I actually took this picture in dannys shades reflection...kinda cool.

Monday we woke up to a few inches on the car!
We stopping in Indianapolis to see the Colts new stadium!! GO COLTS!

Then we ate at the oldest restaurant in IN, the slippery noodle
and we made it home...whewww.....