Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 of 2009

Margaux's Best of 2009 Countdown:

10: The awesome summer weather - only got over 90 degrees 1 day and mostly all sunny days!

9: Surprising Dannys mom in March. Flew out to AZ on a stealth mission without her knowing. Then showing up to their dinner out of the blue!

8: Had a great year at work. I love my job.

7: Anniversary trip to Cozumel. Vespas, drinks, sun, swimming. Oh and that crab that snuck up on us at dinner. Had the best time.

6: The baseball hall of fame with Dannys dad. They were like little kids.

5: Danny NOT working in real estate ONLY b/c then I got to see him on the weekends unlike before...Im selfish. He is going to go back this coming year but only on the side. yay!

4: Chicago/Lake Michigan: Love seeing the Noonans and hanging at their beach house! Cant wait for next summer! PLus, Elizabeths wedding was so fun with the whole family there.

3: Joni flying out for our 30th birthday party! Danny and her had "operation punky brewster" and they pulled it off soooooo good!

2. Learning the Moonwalk. That will make it into a lot of weddings this upcoming year.

and the #1 of 2009.......

Being Mrs Corrigan the whole year! Not only for the joint tax return (hehe) but b/c I married the man of my dreams who spoils me rotten and I love him more & more everyday...awwwww.

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Four to Score said...

awwwww... someday when i meet the man of my dreams who spoils me rotten i'll be able to say that too.

ha ha! jk... maybe

what a cute little countdown! i'm gonna have to think of one myself. but i never leave the damn house so that'll be diffcult.

i was so bummed to not be in town last march. damn ryan and his stinkin dunes.

only a couple more weeks though, woo hoo!