Sunday, December 20, 2009

TRHHSAC holiday party

The Totally Rad Happy Hour and Social Athletic Club (our group of friends) had our Christmas party last night. We baked cookies, opened gifts, played Trivial Pursuit with National Lampoons Xmas Vacation and Elf on, ate and drank. Was a great time and no fights broke out during gametime!

Danny making his famous wreaths in his santa apron (too cute)
parker rocking her jingle bell holiday collar thingy from grandma
Mark (aka Executive Chef and Head Taster) brought his chefs coat
So i tried to make chocolate chip and walnut batter was a tad soupy. but we put it in a pan and made squares! actually worked out pretty well! PS I need a haircut - this thursday (amen!)
Gift time!

Danny each got the boys Wii games so we had to try them out. Mark got a hunting game with a gun (b/c he is republican) and collin got a nijia ame with swords (b/c he is obsessed with nijias....)

Game time!
Parker and her man
Gina tooted.
Gina and tiny
Me and Gus' butthole

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Tara and Jeff said...

Fun holiday party! We got the Wii Sims party as a gift. Enjoy your Christmas !