Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Vacation

And like that Christmas 09 is done. Moms Xmas eve party was smaller this year which was actually perfect. Christmas day was rainy and washed away the snow that was on the ground! UGH! I didnt take many pictures but we opened gifts in the morning (love all my gifts baby! you are always the best at gift giving). Mom, Chris and our family friend Ken came over for breakfast. Then we went to my dads for gifts, spiked nog and dinner. As usual, they were way to generous. That night we watched Time Bandits (one of my favs as a kid) and then the new Harrison Ford movie (well that one watched me).

Saturday we spent 6 hours out trying to use our giftcards at the mall but we actully didnt get too much! Next weekend will be shopping round 2!

Moms house xmas eve (i didnt take the pic - its blurry!)

Who doesnt want a beer helmet for Christmas?
Danny always listens and takes notes. My old chucks are still in good shape, but i really wanted grey ones...score. i got excited and took a pic :) they are already semi-dirty from the dog park this morning (cant wear clean chucks duh!)
"Why is the carpet all wet Todd? I dont know Margo!" Gotta love Christmas Vacation...i get that saying all year round :) This year Todd got me a gift.
Gus loves his boxes.
Parker is winking at you. Such a flirt.
Hanging at Dads house...Im so mad b/c I saw that painting on the right at a show (I thought it was expensive so didnt even ask the artist about it). A week later, went to dads BAM he got it (in an art trade for one of his). Dang it! Im still bitter. Dad has good taste though :)
Danny got dad this penguin. its so real looking. i love that he looks sad! My dad loves weird crap...

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Four to Score said...

and a very merry christmas it was! that penguin is neat, it does look real even in the pic. hope you guys had a great weekend! we're excited to see you guys in a couple weeks - woo hoo!