Sunday, November 29, 2009

holiday house

Its officially holiday time! i worked a few hours on friday, then got us our xmas gift, a new 50" flatscreen for the basement. we both have gotten lots of great gifts all year, so we figured we would do it with the great deals PLUS if we get xmas money, it can go towards it. We have found a stand yet (i dont want to mount it).

Saturday danny got the tree up and I started on the house decor. He started the lights but finished them today.

Our friends Justin and Debi came by with their kiddo Grace today. I took some family pics for their xmas card. Grace did pretty good :)

And....I finally went to Davids Bridal and got my bridesmaid dress for Kims wedding - turns out they are discontinuing her dress color next week so thank goodness I made it in time! She would kill me!! We are picking whatever shorter length dress we want but in her color "Capri" (pale blue). This is in yellow but its the style I chose. The rest looked frumpy on me :(

Friday, November 27, 2009

the 1st snow

We woke up this morning to go to work and BAM! SNOW! The flakes were really big and stuck for a little while, but all gone now. What a nice treat though!

lots to be thankful for

tday was at our place this year....very low key. Just us, jason, cristy, mom and chris. dad and judy went to Savannah to see our grandparents. Overall very good day - lots of food, drink and star trek! We watched the new Star Trek again and watched part 4 The Voyage Home (my fav). I think thats our new tradition. Yes, Im a dork :)

Danny taking appitizers before I even get them all out!

Parker just waiting for food to drop.

Not the 1st fire in the fireplace this season, but made it very holiday
Whats a holiday without Chris fixing something (we bought a new recessed fixture but didnt put it up yet - just waiting on him!)
Looks just like it did at easter....
...but I got to use my new glasses and napkins that Joni got me b/c the colors/prints are very autumn! I did have a set of the glasses already - total maroni! we share a brain.

Mom made the not good at that. The bird, stuffing, from scratch mashed taters were all mine (awesome by the way) and danny made the sweet taters with marshmellows from scratch (equally as awesome).
Cheers Cristy!
yum yum yum
Gus got into some turkey....obiviously, he loved it.
Parker always thinks she is lap dog.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

talk about new moon!

OK, so its not a "new moon" but still looks cool (its a waxing crescent). That would have been sooo appropriate if it had been though!

its a clear night so pulled out my telescope

take 2

So I repainted the livingroom a few months ago to a green - i loved it BUT during the day it was too bright - started to bug me. At dusk or night it was perfect though. So I got a new color that was the same as it looked in that lighting and we repainted again! Perfect now.

I think Im OCD....

Thanksgiving 07

Tday week will always be special to me. In 2007, we went to AZ for the holiday and little did I know, Danny was going to pop the question. He had the diamond for a year and designed the setting just a few months before the trip. Goodness he can hold a long secret. But he had a plan....Nov 21st. He totally surprised me "out of left field" literally, when he got down on 1 knee at our 1st date spot - Fiddlesticks where we went to the batting cages. Then he had it all worked out with family and friends at the greek restaurant we ate at after the cages. I must admit, Colleen and Ryan played it off so well considering I saw them earlier that day! Got me good.

Was a great night with shots, booze, greek food and friends. Oh and late night/early morning cigars for the boys...which I sort of remember. 1 thing I wont ever forget was at some hour in the morning, Danny busts in the room where Im sleeping and gives me my wedding band - he designed both rings at the same time. I was like "baby, why didnt you save that for christmas? shopping done!"...the look on his face was priceless - he was too excited to wait :)

Heres after I walk into the restaurant and see everyone!
PS: i didnt take the pics but they blurry :(

I was so filty after throwing the football earlier in the day with dannys dad and then hitting golfballs at fiddlesticks, so danny hid a shirt for me in the back of the car for me...whewwww.

Thanksgiving Day!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

indian summer in november???

whoa. is it possible in ohio to have near 70 degree weather in Nov? we must have had a record. it was beautiful. doggie park both days (up early, got coffees and then watched the kids play - yes colleen we need actual kids to take to the park huh :).

We also went for an awesome bike ride on some nearby trails, then rode over to olde Gahanna for some grub at the Gahanna Grille - we even ate on the patio! Freaking sweet.

It was such a great weekend - sweatshirts, no clouds in the sky, windows open! Not many if any least this year :( I had to take some pics of the kids outside (blackberry was all I had)

Gus came outside to get some sun:

Parker getting ready for the buckeye game.

Here's parker at the bark park on saturday.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

H1N1 shot line

Whoa...i was coming home from the bark park and look at this line at the church down the street! I guessed it was for H1N1 flu shots and i was right....thank goodness the weather is nice this morning - otherwise those people would have their kids outside for hours in the cold!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 09

The 4th Annual Corrigan Carve Off was Thursday night. I totally thought I had the win in the bag this year BUT as usual, danny pulled off a big win. I figured carving dannys face was a sure win, but he did an alien that glowed green! dang it! he is 4-4 now!!!

Saturday Night was a party at Gina and Collins which then spilled over to Club 185.

The TRHHSAC had some good costumes!
Chris Brown, Rhianna, A Saltine Cracker, Billy Mays, The St Paulie Girl, and Wonder Woman:

Yes, our costumes were a tad tasteless but was still funny.

Mikaela came as Carmen Sandiego and I had my umbrella - ella - ella....

Billy Mays was pushing a lot of products that night.
Club 185

TODAY IS GORGEOUS! Mikaela spent the night so we took Parker to the bark park, then walked some trails at another park this morning (forgetting about the time change!). Then we came home to find danny racking and mowing so we helped.
She cleaned trashout of the creek - thanks!
The leaves are about gone but the lawn looks great danny - he did teh fall feeding.

I cleaned the patio off (well Mikaela swept and I stacked the patio stuff). See you in the spring!