Sunday, November 8, 2009

indian summer in november???

whoa. is it possible in ohio to have near 70 degree weather in Nov? we must have had a record. it was beautiful. doggie park both days (up early, got coffees and then watched the kids play - yes colleen we need actual kids to take to the park huh :).

We also went for an awesome bike ride on some nearby trails, then rode over to olde Gahanna for some grub at the Gahanna Grille - we even ate on the patio! Freaking sweet.

It was such a great weekend - sweatshirts, no clouds in the sky, windows open! Not many if any least this year :( I had to take some pics of the kids outside (blackberry was all I had)

Gus came outside to get some sun:

Parker getting ready for the buckeye game.

Here's parker at the bark park on saturday.


Four to Score said...

yeah, we've been having record heat for about the past week. can't say i mind!

cute pics of the kiddos!

Four to Score said...

ps - i'm still hoping to be getting a phone call on thanksgiving day. hope you're hittin it hard, ha ha ha!