Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 09

The 4th Annual Corrigan Carve Off was Thursday night. I totally thought I had the win in the bag this year BUT as usual, danny pulled off a big win. I figured carving dannys face was a sure win, but he did an alien that glowed green! dang it! he is 4-4 now!!!

Saturday Night was a party at Gina and Collins which then spilled over to Club 185.

The TRHHSAC had some good costumes!
Chris Brown, Rhianna, A Saltine Cracker, Billy Mays, The St Paulie Girl, and Wonder Woman:

Yes, our costumes were a tad tasteless but was still funny.

Mikaela came as Carmen Sandiego and I had my umbrella - ella - ella....

Billy Mays was pushing a lot of products that night.
Club 185

TODAY IS GORGEOUS! Mikaela spent the night so we took Parker to the bark park, then walked some trails at another park this morning (forgetting about the time change!). Then we came home to find danny racking and mowing so we helped.
She cleaned trashout of the creek - thanks!
The leaves are about gone but the lawn looks great danny - he did teh fall feeding.

I cleaned the patio off (well Mikaela swept and I stacked the patio stuff). See you in the spring!

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Four to Score said...

holy crap! you guys' pumpkins are fantastic! i totally don't get it - not a creative bone in my body. i couldn't carve even a circle without messing up to save my life. oh well!

your costumes are funny, ha! i don't think you told me what you guys were going to be.

hey - what happened to all the leaves on your trees?