Friday, November 27, 2009

lots to be thankful for

tday was at our place this year....very low key. Just us, jason, cristy, mom and chris. dad and judy went to Savannah to see our grandparents. Overall very good day - lots of food, drink and star trek! We watched the new Star Trek again and watched part 4 The Voyage Home (my fav). I think thats our new tradition. Yes, Im a dork :)

Danny taking appitizers before I even get them all out!

Parker just waiting for food to drop.

Not the 1st fire in the fireplace this season, but made it very holiday
Whats a holiday without Chris fixing something (we bought a new recessed fixture but didnt put it up yet - just waiting on him!)
Looks just like it did at easter....
...but I got to use my new glasses and napkins that Joni got me b/c the colors/prints are very autumn! I did have a set of the glasses already - total maroni! we share a brain.

Mom made the not good at that. The bird, stuffing, from scratch mashed taters were all mine (awesome by the way) and danny made the sweet taters with marshmellows from scratch (equally as awesome).
Cheers Cristy!
yum yum yum
Gus got into some turkey....obiviously, he loved it.
Parker always thinks she is lap dog.

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Four to Score said...

sounds like a great low key t-day.

i love the pic of gus eating the turkey, ha ha!