Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bath and Body Works - Fall 2010

So this Fall season, the directors decided to change around the "teams". Usually I work on paper giftsets/giftbags/hangtags/ribbon that are in stores. Well for this Fall (we worked on this last year - always work a year in advance), Julie and I were put on Accessories and Web Exclusive Sets....kinda different. Was fun to learn all about nail files, working with socks, reusable tote bags - just different materials other than paper.

Here are a few of the items I did.

This is a PVC bag with zipper top - the back holds the print and the front holds the fun copy - i really like how these turned out (even with only have $.60 to work with to make it!)

This is actually paper, but the tray with the "behind door #..." copy turned out super cute. We cant sell giftsets like these in stores because the merchants like the customer to see the products...well on web its ok!
This is a box set specific to birthdays. I wonder how its selling (do people like it)? This project was a challenge....
I worked on reusable tote bags - hello! Printing on this material is way different than paper - but I learned a lot about the process. The color proofing on the samples from China was a mess, but in the end, they looked sharp. There are more prints, but here are 2. The rumor is they are selling great!

I also had to work on ducks! We are starting to put prints on ducks and this season, was the 1st time we really did intricate prints - of course when I was doing them right! They turned out better than what we thought, so you will see some fun prints from here on out on our iconic duck! Heres a sample of one.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beckys Baby Shower

It was a month late because Becky had her twins 10 weeks early! But they are doing so awesome and probably be able to leave the hospital within a week!!!

I got her the crib pillow shams from Pottery Barn that she wanted but also I ordered these awesome fabric iron-on letters from this vendor on I actually ordered a bunch of animal shapes for Jack too! You can pick your own fabrics to make them custom!

Here are the onesie I made - J is for Jack (yep 2 her boy is Jack too!) and and M for Madeline:

I had do do one for my Jack while I was working on hers....this is his "going to the office" look:

She sells a bunch of cute animals/letters ect so check her out!

The shower was really sweet :) Here are a few pictures!

Madelines crib stuff is birds :)

Jacks crib stuff is elephants :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

27 Weeks - 13 to go!

Last week in the 2nd trimester - dang its starting to go fast! Ive been so lucky this far - no feeling sick, my dr appointments are always great, my gluclose test showed perfect sugar levels, but Im starting to get a little heartburn the past few days - at least I think that might be it, at night. Its not bad but it could get bad (oh no colleen!!).

27 Weeks!
We've been "nesting" the past few weeks. Danny and some boys (including my dad) rearrangesd thh basement - more baby friendly. We are getting a new couch and chairs even though ours are in good shape (we are so silly). The nursery is coming along and we got some new textiles that my stepmom made and a rocker from dannys dad - but I want to take pics till its all up.

We also finally got wood chips for under the trees by the creek! Its a huge space that we couldnt use and danny cleared all the brush out last year so finally we are getting it done. He still has a ton of wood chips left but its really getting there. Plus he has a little extra branches he needs to move out. Next spring we'll put a swing set under there!
Dannys mom and sister got us our stroller this week too!!! Its so rad - it even has an ipod hookup with speakers - how funny. Cant wait to take it out with Jack!

Monday, July 5, 2010

savannah • family reunion 2010

The family reunion in Savannah came and went. Was a BLAST! We had a condo on the island where my grandparents and aunt live (skidaway island off the coast) - which was the place for late night fun. I even stayed up late :) We arrived Friday afternoon. Chris and my parents were there, Erica and Brad (her BF) drove in at 6 and Jessica and Steven (her BF) got in at 6. My other brother Jason and his girl Cristy arrived super late at midnight.

Saturday we went downtown to the river and the squares for shopping and lunch. Ill spare you all my pretty/artsy pics :)

We ate at a great seafood place Fiddlers. We ate on the 2nd story deck overlooking the cobblestone road and the river.

When on the riverwalk, you have to stop at Wet Willies. You can walk around with an open container there - but i was not allowed :(

We had to recreate Forrest Gump - one of our favs :)

Saturday night was catered at Christy's house. Same menu as 2005 - loved it!

The Family

24.5 weeks - my butt looks big but its the romper (I hope :)

We got together b/c grandma tuned 90. She and grandpa (92) are amazing! they drive all around the coast (NY next month!), play golf still....I hope I am like them at their age!

Sunday was the beach - drove to Tybee Island. Perfect weather! Big waves, wind, and not a cloud in the sky!

I tried to put sunscreen on the belly so it would permentanly say JACK but it ran all over - in fact, I bent over and the 50spf got on the leg, so I have a huge blotch.

Dont get your beers wet!