Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beckys Baby Shower

It was a month late because Becky had her twins 10 weeks early! But they are doing so awesome and probably be able to leave the hospital within a week!!!

I got her the crib pillow shams from Pottery Barn that she wanted but also I ordered these awesome fabric iron-on letters from this vendor on I actually ordered a bunch of animal shapes for Jack too! You can pick your own fabrics to make them custom!

Here are the onesie I made - J is for Jack (yep 2 her boy is Jack too!) and and M for Madeline:

I had do do one for my Jack while I was working on hers....this is his "going to the office" look:

She sells a bunch of cute animals/letters ect so check her out!

The shower was really sweet :) Here are a few pictures!

Madelines crib stuff is birds :)

Jacks crib stuff is elephants :)

1 comment:

Four to Score said...

those onesies are suuuuper cute! love the one with the tie ;-)

that 'ipood' is too funny!

when is your baby shower going to be?

maybe if we win the powerball between then and now then i'll come for it ;-)