Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bath and Body Works - Fall 2010

So this Fall season, the directors decided to change around the "teams". Usually I work on paper giftsets/giftbags/hangtags/ribbon that are in stores. Well for this Fall (we worked on this last year - always work a year in advance), Julie and I were put on Accessories and Web Exclusive Sets....kinda different. Was fun to learn all about nail files, working with socks, reusable tote bags - just different materials other than paper.

Here are a few of the items I did.

This is a PVC bag with zipper top - the back holds the print and the front holds the fun copy - i really like how these turned out (even with only have $.60 to work with to make it!)

This is actually paper, but the tray with the "behind door #..." copy turned out super cute. We cant sell giftsets like these in stores because the merchants like the customer to see the products...well on web its ok!
This is a box set specific to birthdays. I wonder how its selling (do people like it)? This project was a challenge....
I worked on reusable tote bags - hello! Printing on this material is way different than paper - but I learned a lot about the process. The color proofing on the samples from China was a mess, but in the end, they looked sharp. There are more prints, but here are 2. The rumor is they are selling great!

I also had to work on ducks! We are starting to put prints on ducks and this season, was the 1st time we really did intricate prints - of course when I was doing them right! They turned out better than what we thought, so you will see some fun prints from here on out on our iconic duck! Heres a sample of one.


Tara and Jeff said...

oh I really like them, gonna pick up the happy birthday gift set for my mother in law this weekend!

Four to Score said...

i'm glad that i have at least one famous friend ;-)

those are awesome my friend. don't you feel so happy when something turns out so great?

and i think it's funny that you're "christmased" out by the end of summer, ha ha ha!