Monday, July 5, 2010

savannah • family reunion 2010

The family reunion in Savannah came and went. Was a BLAST! We had a condo on the island where my grandparents and aunt live (skidaway island off the coast) - which was the place for late night fun. I even stayed up late :) We arrived Friday afternoon. Chris and my parents were there, Erica and Brad (her BF) drove in at 6 and Jessica and Steven (her BF) got in at 6. My other brother Jason and his girl Cristy arrived super late at midnight.

Saturday we went downtown to the river and the squares for shopping and lunch. Ill spare you all my pretty/artsy pics :)

We ate at a great seafood place Fiddlers. We ate on the 2nd story deck overlooking the cobblestone road and the river.

When on the riverwalk, you have to stop at Wet Willies. You can walk around with an open container there - but i was not allowed :(

We had to recreate Forrest Gump - one of our favs :)

Saturday night was catered at Christy's house. Same menu as 2005 - loved it!

The Family

24.5 weeks - my butt looks big but its the romper (I hope :)

We got together b/c grandma tuned 90. She and grandpa (92) are amazing! they drive all around the coast (NY next month!), play golf still....I hope I am like them at their age!

Sunday was the beach - drove to Tybee Island. Perfect weather! Big waves, wind, and not a cloud in the sky!

I tried to put sunscreen on the belly so it would permentanly say JACK but it ran all over - in fact, I bent over and the 50spf got on the leg, so I have a huge blotch.

Dont get your beers wet!


Tara and Jeff said...

Looks like a blast! I love Savannah , might pass through there on the way to Florida next month. Looking great at 24 weeks. You are showing alot more then me still:) Boys stick out more I guess...hahaha

Four to Score said...

look at you braving the 2 piece on the beach!! woo hoo naked preggo lady, ha ha ha! and you're right, it's just the romper that makes your butt look big in that pic ;-)

savannah looks awesome! i wish ryan was more adventurous and would go somewhere outside of his little teeny tiny box. gggrrrrrr!

what a great weekend, you guys are always fun. *sigh*