Thursday, July 22, 2010

27 Weeks - 13 to go!

Last week in the 2nd trimester - dang its starting to go fast! Ive been so lucky this far - no feeling sick, my dr appointments are always great, my gluclose test showed perfect sugar levels, but Im starting to get a little heartburn the past few days - at least I think that might be it, at night. Its not bad but it could get bad (oh no colleen!!).

27 Weeks!
We've been "nesting" the past few weeks. Danny and some boys (including my dad) rearrangesd thh basement - more baby friendly. We are getting a new couch and chairs even though ours are in good shape (we are so silly). The nursery is coming along and we got some new textiles that my stepmom made and a rocker from dannys dad - but I want to take pics till its all up.

We also finally got wood chips for under the trees by the creek! Its a huge space that we couldnt use and danny cleared all the brush out last year so finally we are getting it done. He still has a ton of wood chips left but its really getting there. Plus he has a little extra branches he needs to move out. Next spring we'll put a swing set under there!
Dannys mom and sister got us our stroller this week too!!! Its so rad - it even has an ipod hookup with speakers - how funny. Cant wait to take it out with Jack!

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Four to Score said...

yeah that stroller is the bomb and is totally "margaux!"

still lookin good. but man, are you sure there's not two in there?! i'm gonna take bets that there's a 'surprise' during delivery. he he he!! ask danny if he wants to take me up...

i bet his room is gonna be killer. actually i should say that i know his room is gonna be killer.

13 more weeks.... so cliche but for real it'll be here before you know it.

how's the 'rolling' outta bed going?

oh nooooo, the heartburn? good lord i remember it like it was yesterday. all i can say is buy the good stuff. you can get prilosec for an ok price at costco. sorry friend, but it'll only get worse from now on and yep, you'll probably need a costco size box!

but i'll keep my fingers crossed that i'm wrong and that you'll be able to say "ha ha" to me.

glad you're still feeling good! i hope you're keeping up on exercise. for real, it helps a TON. not only for the pregnancy, but for delivery, and makes loosing afterwards easier too.