Sunday, November 27, 2011

tday vacation

 This Tday was sooooo nice. I had an extra long weekend and danny took the whole week off, so felt like a nice stay-cation! Tday was nice weather and good food. A little different having a toddler this year rather than a stationary baby :)

Gotta play a little ball on Thanksgiving!

Bachan and Bapa brought Jack a Thanksgiving robot.

Grandma Kathy and Jack like to go see the planes. Here is one of his favorite books.

Finally some top teeth LOL!

Hanging with crazy uncle chris

Friday was soooo amazing out! We didnt even need coats! We took Parker to the bark park - which has a playround PLUS is right by the airport so we got to see planes come in to land! what a super afternoon. 

 Saturday we went to Easton to walk around and see the big tree plus the hue train set up. Santa was there but sooo busy. Maybe next time. The weather was a little cooler but sunny - so no complaints.

Sunday is rainy and getting chores done - like laundry booo. Watching lots of football and relaxing - perfect end to a perfect stay-cation. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

They learn so fast now!!

Since jack has turned 1, he has totally turned into a's amazing how quick it happens! Every day is a new word or he understands something new. Just this week alone he's blown us's a few from just the past week:

Points to his nose and ear when you ask where it is

Sees a picture of a cow and says "ooo"

Sees or plays with will say "bawwww"

Sees a brush and pretends to comb his hair

Shakes his head and 1 finger for no (and laughs at himself)

Totally knows trains as a train (not a car) and says "too too"

Says apple when sees a picture or in person

When you ask what a plane does he puts his arms out and says "ooommm"

I can't wait to see what next week brings!!!!