Monday, May 31, 2010

Jen & Jason's Vintage Farm Wedding 5.30.10

Last Sunday we Marysville (30 mins outside of Columbus) to my co-worker Jens wedding. 1 of our directors has a house on a farm with a beautiful barn and that was the perfect setting for Jen & Jasons vintage wedding!

Jen took 1.5 years to make this happen and all the details were amazing and the weather was perfect!

Rose + Diehl

The Corrigans

The ceremony was HOT so Becky and I (the pregger ladies) sat in the shade, but how cute were the hay bundles for people to sit on!

My man looked adorable as usual.

Jen made her dress and altered all the vintage bridesmaids dresses!

Sipping some wine - shhhh.

Look at these place settings! Chandeliers with candles and she silk screened all the plate settings on the table clothes!

Vintage candy station! They even had a hotdog cart!

French Hen Farm

Mr & Mrs Diehl!

An oldtime OSU band came and played some tunes (he's an alumni)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

new ride

Well after over 6 months of Danny talking and searching the internet, we started really looking at BMW's this week. He wanted used (and so did i for a low payment! I kept telling him we arent having a payment over 300 no matter what!)

Well today - score! We found an 07, black with black leather, 1 previous owner by lease, mint condition at a dealership here in town. The miles were a tad more than I wanted but he only drives 4 miles each way to work.

Meanwhile, while we are test driving it, Danny is emailing another dealership about lowering the price on one we test drove Wed. Well this car was 25k and we got it down to 19.5k! AND our payment is under 250 so took it home! We wanted to have sold the Blazer to my mom BEFORE getting a car and have the extra cash go towards it but the deal was too good. We will still sell it to my mom but will save that mulah instead.

Im so happy for him and super happy we got a great deal.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

nursery has begun!

We are making progress on the nursery!!! The colors will be gray and white with pops of orange!! His "animal" will be hippos (in honor of my dad who loves them). I ordered 2 of these hippo wall decals from - a gray and an orange.

Then at Old navy, how cute saw these hippo onesies. PS I got some maternity pants and extenders...the pants are sooo comfy and surprisingly stylish! I got black jean trouser style and a paid thats distressed.

Also had to buy him some black chucks like mom and dad have :)

OK back to the is a before with the rug (borrrinnnnggg)

Danny got the rug and tackboards up no problem.

Then all day saturday, dad and danny got the bamboo down - i love it!! still need to do the show molding and put the closet doors on but looks amazing. We will repaint the same color gray on the bottom but change the "putty" top color to a light gray. Then pop orange - like his J A C K, the hippo decal, curtains, sheets ect. im looking for a hip/modern rocker - would be great to find one in orange but i doubt it.

The crib is finally up :)

Judy and I spent the day looking for fabrics. She is a great quilter and is going to make the cribs sheets, bumper pad, curtains ect! which is totally awesome b/c then I can custom create the look with cool fabrics. Heres what we got....cant wait to see it all together :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jens Work Bridal Shower

Jen is getting married in 10 days! Brian and I are on the "party planning commitee" at work, but he was swamped this week! No biggy, with Becky and Barbs help making cupcakes, we got it done, and the weather couldnt have been better! I decided to have it outdoors by the cafeteria to change it up (meeting rooms are boring) and she is getting married outside, so worked perfect. We all pitched in to get them a Visa PrePaid Card with $190 on it for a trés chic (and $$$) dinner while they are on their honeymoon in France :) Au revior!

Lemon and chocolate cupcakes...I had 1 of each of course!

Some of the crew
Super flowers from Kellys yard - Im jealous, I want flowers like these!

The bride-to-be!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lovely Weekend

Boy this weekend was pretty perfect. To start, I got out of work at noon on Friday! Grabbed some Subway then took parker on a nice walk - was amazing out.

Saturday morning, I met Wookie and her mom at easton for brunch and shopping. Her mom wanted to buy a baby book, so I picked out "The 1st Year for Dummies" - she inscribed it with "margaux, you are no dummy, but you pickedout this book" - how cute is she. I got Jack this great "J" from Anrthopology (we have the "C" on our mantle).

But today I found this onesie - how perfect!!!!!

OK back to Saturday: That afternoon, we went to Gina and Collins for "beer chicken" (which I spilled the raw chickens all over my shirt in less than 1 min of arriving). Was a great time with the TRHHSAC besides the firepit being more smoke than fire (we smelled like we had been camping)

Oh I forgot to mention, we also ran out of propane - boys had to make a trip.

Sunday morning we drove to Blendon Woods (which is only like 10 mins away, why havent we gone before?!). Nice trails and they even have an 18 Hole Frisbee Golf Course. We were going to do that last weekend for my bday but was way toooo cold!

This is the "pet trail" - was nice but a little muddy in spot.

Danny thought this looked like a butthole...and yes it does.

Danny thinks it funny i call every red bird a "red robin" - but it could be right???

This momma duck and her kids were walking across a busy street! Thankfully they made it with all the cars stopping - whewwww.
Now off to a neighbors for a cookout - a late minute thing so what are we bringing? Frozen trader joes fruit and a make smoothies.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Today we went to the 4D ultrasound place and found out - its a boy! the technology was crazy!! we got to see him moving all around, got pictures and a DVD. so exciting! We are 99% sure we are naming him Jack Christopher Corrigan :)

Thumbs up!

Just got the news - we see "the goods"!

Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Tom and Bachan Judy - hiding behind grandpa (PS: thats grandma in japanese)
There's the proof :)
His little tush

Chicken legs like mom & dad :)