Sunday, May 23, 2010

nursery has begun!

We are making progress on the nursery!!! The colors will be gray and white with pops of orange!! His "animal" will be hippos (in honor of my dad who loves them). I ordered 2 of these hippo wall decals from - a gray and an orange.

Then at Old navy, how cute saw these hippo onesies. PS I got some maternity pants and extenders...the pants are sooo comfy and surprisingly stylish! I got black jean trouser style and a paid thats distressed.

Also had to buy him some black chucks like mom and dad have :)

OK back to the is a before with the rug (borrrinnnnggg)

Danny got the rug and tackboards up no problem.

Then all day saturday, dad and danny got the bamboo down - i love it!! still need to do the show molding and put the closet doors on but looks amazing. We will repaint the same color gray on the bottom but change the "putty" top color to a light gray. Then pop orange - like his J A C K, the hippo decal, curtains, sheets ect. im looking for a hip/modern rocker - would be great to find one in orange but i doubt it.

The crib is finally up :)

Judy and I spent the day looking for fabrics. She is a great quilter and is going to make the cribs sheets, bumper pad, curtains ect! which is totally awesome b/c then I can custom create the look with cool fabrics. Heres what we got....cant wait to see it all together :)


Tara and Jeff said...

lOVE your ideas for the nursery. If you are right and its a girl, we are going with Pandas as the theme and colors White and Black with splashes of Red .. probably stick with planes if its a boy

Four to Score said...

this nursery is going to be BOMB! what a lucky little guy jack is. i bet you're so excited to have a reason to redcorate yet another room ;-)

i probably forgot to mention that i put splashes of orange in our grey master bed. it looks awesome which is funny cause when we first talked about painting the house grey, orange, and blue were definite NO's! but i have all 3 now in my master alone!