Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jens Work Bridal Shower

Jen is getting married in 10 days! Brian and I are on the "party planning commitee" at work, but he was swamped this week! No biggy, with Becky and Barbs help making cupcakes, we got it done, and the weather couldnt have been better! I decided to have it outdoors by the cafeteria to change it up (meeting rooms are boring) and she is getting married outside, so worked perfect. We all pitched in to get them a Visa PrePaid Card with $190 on it for a trés chic (and $$$) dinner while they are on their honeymoon in France :) Au revior!

Lemon and chocolate cupcakes...I had 1 of each of course!

Some of the crew
Super flowers from Kellys yard - Im jealous, I want flowers like these!

The bride-to-be!

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