Sunday, May 2, 2010

busy bees

The work week was long and I had a terrible headache M,T,W (didnt go to work Monday). PLUS a wisdom tooth is growing in!!! Dentist visit :( But that actually isnt hurting anymore - wheww.

Collins bday was friday so we went to Sakura for some hibachi fun. I had sushi (dont worry all cooked or imitation crabmeat) and I watched as everyone did fun sake bombers - boo! Designated driver right here!

We also ordered the crib this week! Love the modern look/lines. We decided boy or girl we are going with white furniture. This crib was almost $400 but i think it will be worth it (more than I wanted to spend). We love the design (believe it or not this was the cheapest modern crib I could find - most were like $800!!) and its a convertible so should last 3-4 years.
Saturday we got all the workout stuff and cleaned the closet out of the 4th bedroom so we can rip the carpet up and lay down some bamboo flooring! Sustainable and sleek looking. Cant wait for dad to start laying it down!

Heres what the bamboo looks like but is 2" planks. Love all the lines.

Then we completely cleaned out the office. We had 2 of those desks in there but got rid of 1 and even packed up my desktop MAC computer which I barely use. We actually have 4 computers - why, retarded?! We left his desktop Dell on the desk (he hates macs), his laptop is usually in the livingroom and my mac laptop is around the place somewhere. We put all the workout stuff in here and even kept the futon for an extra guest bed if needed. It's pretty roomy in here even though the pictures arent great. We even gutted the closet and got rid of a ton of junk. Feels sooo good to get those rooms cleaned out and reorganized.

Since we are getting a new car, adding a second story deck, and have a baby on the way, a master bathroom renovation is out of the question now. I hated the flooring that was in there. We wanted a nice slate tile, but as a quick fix for a few years I started laying "gray river slate" vinyl tiles down. I offset them and looks great...but Im not done. hopefully soon. im trying to pace myself BUT as you can see, I havent been relaxing much :)

Saturday was crazy with the 2 room reorganization, but we still had time to go to Grace's 1st bday party! She was adorable with her bow and ate her cake very lady-like. I cant believe its been a year since we were waiting at the hospital! Actually that was the day that danny said to me in the elevator going to the waiting room "lets go off the pill and start trying after our anniversary" - awww thanks grace! without you who knows if we'd have pregnancy going on :)

Today was breakfast á la danny (yesterday his homemade pancakes was a disaster), then grocery shopping. A little workout in and now tabloid magazine time!


Four to Score said...

ahhhh baby grace is a CUTIE!

that crib is super cute, i think a friend of mine just bought the same one? or maybe just similar. yeah, kylee's crib was expensive too. 425 i think. but the dresser was even more, 450 or 475. but they went bye bye! we're getting her big girl furniture real soon.

new car? WHAT?! what are you getting rid of and what are you getting? ryan finally just told me that i can have the toyota sequoia that i want real bad but that i have to save enough money after i start working to get it ;-( that means it'll prob be a few years.

i bet that bamboo flooring will look fantastic. the vinyl tiles in your bath look great! i see shows on hgtv using those all the time.

i hear ya on the designated driver, 2 years in a row!

oh man, the headaches, i forgot about those. i got them with both pregnancies. unfortunately, i had them the whole time through. my worst sympton (other than morning sickness of course) was the heartburn. HOLY SHIT it was terrible! from start to finish both times. that was my biggest complaint.

hope the toofer starts feeling better!

Tara and Jeff said...

Looks like someone is nesting! House looks great. Love the crib, I was torn between white or really dark wood for Alistair. Moving him to a toddler bed when we move to Ohio though. Gonna need the crib again............