Friday, May 7, 2010

Last Day as 30

Ahhh last day as 30. Was really good eventhough it was a work day. I woke up, gave Parker a bath (then myself), got to work where my co-workers had bagels, got me flowers and of course did some photoshop work that they hung up. People at work call me "Marge" - because I look nothing like a Marge OR even better "Large Marge" from Pee-Wee. They did all Marge Simpson posters...very clever!

Later in the day I got an Edible Arrangement from Danny so I could share with everyone. Very sweet - he always thinks of something. Just polished off a cheese steak sandwich and in my PJs. Perfect ending. Im ready for the TV to watch me sleep.

Tomorrow is 31...It didnt even feel like my bday was coming up but my pals at work made it feel like it. Danny has a "margaux" day planned tomorrow. Honestly, I just want to chill with him and do notta...but Ill take some shopping :)

Heres one of the pictures they did. They all were awesome.
I always wanted an edible arrangement - the chocolate covered pineapple is the BOMB!
See ya 30 - was a GREAT year!!!!

1 comment:

Four to Score said...

chocolate covered pineapple? YUM!

that marge pic is hilarious! must be nice working with so many artistically talented people who can make cute gifts like that.

the edible arrangement, what a great idea... i'm storing that one away ;-)