Saturday, May 8, 2010

Im 31 and the baby is 16.5 weeks :)

Its freezing here today!! So no frisbee golf but danny got me dunkin donuts (in bed), we went to bark park, then he took me shopping (well we bot got some good stuff - his bday is tuesday), then he took me to Bon Vie for lunch. I had a nonalcoholic memosa even! The lunch was perfect, then came home and watched a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress in my PJs.

Belly update: its growing - 16.5 weeks! We had a dr's apt Monday - she said I look perfect and everything is going great. We find out the sex on Monday at 5:30! We are doing that 4D ultrasound so I hope the baby isnt hiding the goods! We wanted to do it either my Bday (today the 8th) or Dannys bday the 11th BUT we could only get in on the in between - will be a great birthday gift for us both!


Tara and Jeff said...

you look fantastic ! What an excited day today is! Happy Birthday too :) I still think its a boy , but we shall seeeeeee. I had better get a text msg !

Hayley said...

How exciting! Happy late birthday!

Four to Score said...

you look sooooo cute! it's a cute tank top.

what a great bday present for both ;-)