Friday, March 26, 2010

Kim+Gary 3.20.10

The day was perfect! Great weather! Great Ceremony! Even better Reception! Here are only a few of the million shots I took:
We went to Dolce in the morning for hair (Kim got her makeup done too)
This is a great look for me.
Time for Kim to get dressed!

I got some champagne for a pre-party toast (ok danny got it for me, but I asked him to get it :)

Limo Ride!

Waiting in a secret room so no one can see while they enter the church.
I just want to say, I took this picture and then told the photographer to get it...haha it wasnt Jeff Tara :)

Its Official!

Back at the San Marcos for more pictures.
I wonder who did all the paper designs? hummmm.
Love this picture!
You had to be there, but the colors in the room turned out amazing!
The band rocked the place.

They were so nice to each other! We wanted to see some cake shoving dang it.
The next morning, there was brunch on the 2nd floor patio - white tent and white lantern thingys...very pretty. Now Kim and Gary are in Hawaii - Im jealous!

Spring Break

It was great to get out of Ohio and into some shorts, get some sun and relax! Eventhough the rumor was it was in the 70's while we were gone! We always go to AZ in March and this year wa perfect timing, because dannys sister Kim was getting married then!

1st stop (after getting a little sun after we landed) was Colleens to visit her and the kiddos while danny golfed!
Nolan is such a cutie and so sweet.
Kylee didnt want to keep her pants on :) busted ya kylee!
That night was St Pattys at San Tan Brewery with the in-laws and actually a bunch of people in town for the wedding.

Danny had like 4 Irish Car Bombs...can you tell by his face?
Thursday was "maroni" day (joni + margaux). we tried on some hideous outfits from forever 21.
Next was pedicures (joni had hers done by what we think was a 12 year the dept of labor)

That night was the rehersal at the church! Besides the father calling Gary "Greg" the whole time, it went well.
Then we had dinner at The Keg (yum steak). This was the grooms cake that they decided to share that night - soooo perfect!

Friday was a day at the ball park - Sox vs Cubs. A bunch of family went and we took Austin, his girlfriend, his sister and cousin and Brian and Casey and their kids met us there. Great time but the Sox lost. Danny did get Jake Peavys autograph though - holla!

That night we were back at the San Tan Brewery for a happy hour hosted by the soon-to-be's. Was a little chilly out but lots of people showed which was awesome. Way to kick off the wedding!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

lucky strike

Saturday night the TRHHSAC (Totally Rad Happy Hour Social and Athletic Club) went bowling. The club did well all around except for Ginas 40 in the last game. We also witnessed a pretty trashy couple full-on making out at the alley...unfortunately, i couldnt get a good shot - or maybe for you guys, a good thing. Made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Danny was bowling awesome! Roy Munson had nothing on him!
Gina, not so much.
Andrea looks like a figure skater.
Mark waxing his ball (that joke never gets old at the alley)
Look! We all bowled strikes when it came to gina's turn...i dont think she ot 1 pin down.

Collin ended up with the highest score and he took home the trophy. And to end this post, lets take a look at the love birds across the way from us. Straight up nasty!